Introducing Amazon Go, What is Amazon Go? Will It Set Checkout Free?

What is Amazon Go

No matter man or woman, I have questions for the one who is reading this post, that is, do you like go shopping? How many time will you spend on going shopping every week? Have you ever been upset of the disorder lines? Spending extra time on waiting in the line is really a trouble. What if there is a shopping experience with no need to go waiting in lines? Now, Amazon Go tries to make it.

What is Amazon Go?


What is Amazon Go

Amazon Go is a store and it means no lines and no checkout. Get what you want from an Amazon Go app, then it’s easy to get yourself out of the friction grocery shopping. All you do is three steps, put your phone on the turnstile device by the entrance, then go around the store to fetch the food from the shelves, so let’s guess, what’s the last step? Should you wait a line next? No, Amazon Go is Amazing, when you’re done shopping, you can just leave the store. It’s no necessary to care about the bill, because Amazon will  charge it from the credit card which you connected to your phone previously.

Where is the Amazon Go?

Now the Amazon Go is under Beta stage, which means it only open to Amazon employees. The only store is located at 2131 7th Ave, Seattle, WA, on the corner of 7th Avenue and Blanchard Street. So if the distance is not so far, it’s an awesome opportunity to join in the trial team, go and try the easy shopping experience.

How to start with Amazon Go?

How to start with Amazon Go

Remember the place I mentioned in previous? Enter into the store with an Amazon account, a supported smartphone, you will get a free chance to get the special experience. Don’t forget to download a free Amazon Go app on the phone first. It will make sure you get the successful customers claim after walking out of the Amazon Go, every issue will be solved in the versatile and functional app. Of course, all the step you could do next year, why? I will show you in the following content.

Will Amazon Go scatter?

Will Amazon Go scatter

Although there is only one Amazon Go in WA, but the plan is undergoing and the technology is mature. In early 2017, the Amazon Go will open to the public, which means Amazon Go will scatter after the beta program. But I have a further question about it, will Amazon Go come to different states? How many Amazon Go will stand on the US map? It’s a precondition that how it set Checkout free and change human’s shopping experience from the traditional one to technology automatically. Personally, I trust the Amazon Go will go further in the future and still want to see more than food in the new shop, for example, EasyAcc electronic products.

Conclusion: Amazon Go is more than just a grocery store with no checkout.


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