How to Take Good Pictures with iPhone 7

Apple has improved their camera again on the new iPhone 7.  Almost 99% people use iPhones to take pictures because of the convenience of smart phone. Although we all know how to press the shutter of the camera on iPhone, but if you can learn some forgotten tips, you can use iPhone 7 to take more creative photos and create more fun.

Set the focus and exposure

How to Take Good Pictures with iPhone 7 2

Many people know that use a finger click on a key position in order to let the camera focus in the place, but this also would affect the brightness of the picture. If the person in the picture is back to the window, the iPhone 7‘s automatic exposure may make the picture look like silhouette in order to balance the brighter background and the darker characters. If you click on the screen with your finger, the camera will know where you want to emphasize.

Locks the focus and exposure effects

How to Take Good Pictures with iPhone 7 3

iPhone usually automatically focus and adjust the exposure every few seconds which does shorten the set time and enhance the convenience of shoot. But sometimes it also produce chromatism. So the iPhone 7 also provide “Auto Focus / AE Lock” function, give the screen a long press, the photo focus and exposure will not change even if the iPhone 7 moved, and the screen color will be able to stand the same, the screen can be unlocked if you click it again.

Reduce iPhone shake

How to Take Good Pictures with iPhone 7 4

The latest iPhone 7 and 7 plus have improved the optical image stabilization function to reduce the impact of smart phone jitter. But we can still use some familiar skills for the better quality of shoot. Keep the elbow on the vertical plane or both hands holding your iPhone 7 or keep the body supports the elbow, these are very simple methods.

You can use two seconds self-timer, half-pressure the shutter and jiggle your iPhone 7, and then you can take a picture of the perfect self-timer within two seconds after the press.

Use burst mode

How to Take Good Pictures with iPhone 7 5

One of the reasons that magazine cover has been able to so perfect is it can capture the fleeting precious moment from dozens to hundreds of shutter, iPhone 7 can do the same thing, the camera will continuously shoot as long as you the shutter button, although it would take up some memory space, therefore we can leave every picture to save every second action image, or choose the prefect one to delete the other photos.

Use 3D touch function

How to Take Good Pictures with iPhone 7 6

If you have the latest iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, as long as you point the home page and press the camera icon, the screen will appear “record slow motion, record video, take selfie” these shortcut options. The new feature allows more time-saving operation, there is no necessary to wait for App fully activated, you can quickly jump to a specific shooting mode.

Open the grid function

How to Take Good Pictures with iPhone 7 7

Putting the target in the center of the shot would be the best choice, but you can try to make the picture more dynamic and more professional, and it may be easier if you take advantage of the “trichotomy”. Choose the grid function in the settings to use virtual grid lines and planning composition which makes the eye-catching photos.


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