How to Reset an iPhone from Computer?

How to Reset an iPhone from Computer 2.jpg

Why we need to reset our iphone?

How to Reset an iPhone from Computer 2.jpg

If you plan to sell it or if it behaves erratically and you’ve tried to fix it without success. Resetting your iPhone removes all of your personal information from the device, although it retains some of its programming.

Resetting an iPhone involves removing its installed operating system and taking the device back to its original settings. During this process you will lose all songs, videos and applications that are installed on your device. Resetting an iPhone can be necessary to fix errors or free up memory. Resetting an iPhone is a straightforward process that can be done on a computer using Apple’s iTunes music software.

How to Reset an iPhone from Computer?

Restoring is a useful feature of the iTunes multimedia management software, as it allows you to reset your iPhone to its factory default settings directly from your computer. Erasing the iPhone’s memory, settings and content is an important aspect of troubleshooting both the hardware and the operating system. Performing a reset from your computer is also a good idea if you acquire a used iPhone and want to delete any previous content so that you can set up the device as if it were brand new.

This is the specific step;


Plug the USB cable that came with your iPhone into both your iPhone and your computer. Push one end of the iPhone’s USB linking cable into the port on the bottom portion of the iPhone’s case. Push the other end of the iPhone’s USB linking cable into a USB computer port on your computer. Any available port will do.


Open iTunes by double-clicking on the iTunes icon on your desktop.


Expand the Devices menu by clicking on the small triangle to the left of the word.


Click the name of your iPhone.


Click “Restore.”


Click either “Back Up” if you want to make a copy of all of the personal data on your iPhone on your computer, or “Don’t Back Up” if you do not wish to create a backup.


Click the “Restore” button in the dialog box that asks you if you are sure you want to reset your iPhone. Once you do, iTunes will completely reset your device. Once the process is finished, you can put all of your information back onto your iPhone by clicking the “Sync” button. Once your iPhone has been reset, you can restore its previous content and settings from a back up file, or opt to set it up as a new device. ITunes prompts you to select one of these options after the device has been reset. Any content and settings you have not backed up or synced to iTunes before resetting your iPhone will be permanently lost.

Last but not least, we should know if we choose reset our iphone, “Reset Network Settings” removes any Wi-Fi network information, including connection passwords. “Reset Location Warnings” causes all apps to ask your permission before they can access your location data. “Reset Keyboard Dictionary” removes the iPhone’s record of how you’ve responded to its typo warnings. So we have to consider whether to reset!

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