New iPad 2017 Rumors: all for the sake of good-looking


The end of 2016 is coming around the corner, what has Apple done so far to rock the world? Besides the introduction of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with missing headphone jack, the MacBook Pro line had eventually been updated in a number of years, the astonishing touch bar release the signal of revolution in the next year. Plus there was new versions of Apple watch 2 and iPad Pro with unwelcome raise in prices.

What we can expect in 2017 from Apple? The year 2017 is special for Apple as the company will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. The new dashing iPhone may not be the only device which draw public attention, rumors say that the new iPad 2017 will have an extraordinary good-looking appearance.

1.Screen Size new-ipad-2017-bordlessOne way of interest stimulation would be the design of new size, according to the report of Apple analyst in Japan, despite the overall dimension may stay the same as current iPad Pro, the whole redesign will be committed as a bordless screen, which means the screen size of new iPad 2017 will be much larger accordingly and the front surface will consist mostly of the display. The 10.5-inch iPad is probably already on the way to the debut in the next season. However, the new iPad 2017 won’t be fully borderless as the front camera needs a room to lay up, so it will at least keep one bazel at the top.

2.No Home Buttonipad-home-buttonAnything else revolutionary? It must be the missing physical home button, which lines up nicely with the rumors that the next iPhone might not have a home button either. Since the new iPad 2017 will eliminate the bazels to enlarge the screen size, the bottom one would own the 1st priority as Apple had implemented the virtual Home button for years, or possiblely there will be some new features applied in the next generation. 

3.Getting Thicker new-ipad-getting-thickerA new report says that the new iPad 2017 is going to be thicker. Unlike other devices tend to be lighter and sharper, the thickness of next iPad might reach to 7.5 mm, which is exactly the same as the 1st generation of iPad Air. As everyone knows, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro is 6.1mm thick, apparantly the new iPad 2017 might be slightly cumbersome. Why Apple would rather choose a path in an opposite way? Some analysts suggested that all the sacrifices were made to get the bordless design, all of the attempts above are approaches to get a good-looking apperance. 

Either way, nothing is certain yet, we can only get the rumors proved in the next debut. Barclays supposed that we can expect the new ipad 2017 in the next March.


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