Why open Airplane Mode on Cell Phone?



When it comes to travel by airplanes, there are a lot of rules. Some are unspoken, personal, and up for interpretation, while others are official policy, announced over the intercom before a flight’s departure. And after we’ve been asked to buckle our seat belts, put our tray tables up and move the seats forward, which is for our safety.

Also, there are some requests to turn our electronic devices off or put them on airplane mode. You may feel confused and wondering that if you do leave your phone on, what will happen?


In following content, we would like to show you how to activate Airplane Mode on your iPhone and give you some tips on how to wisely use it.



Why should we open it?

Reason 1: Safe


Typically speaking, it’s mostly about safety. The official has noted that cell phones transmitting signals can cause audible interference on the aircraft’s radios, likening it to the sound of a CD skipping. This interference could affect the radio frequency for one second, which led to confusion between the pilots and air traffic control.

Reason 2: Save Battery life

Furthermore, Airplane Mode can help when you are on the ground. It’s an excellent way to save your smart devices battery power. Because when you turn Airplane Mode on and all the radios are disabled that will block incoming phone calls and SMS messages on a phone. That can be a great battery-saving tip if you really need that last bit of juice. It’s especially useful on tablet devices.

Reason: Time to relax

Actually, it would be a great way to spend some time with your family or take a short break from the beeps. Once you put your smartphone back in control. You will surprise how quickly you forget that the connection is turned off, and how peaceful your night can be. All of your messages will be waiting when you turn Airplane Mode off, so do not worry.

Reason 4: Save Fees

We all know that traveling across borders can be an expensive affair for you and your wireless carrier. International roaming charges are not cheap. The best way to avoid the extra roaming fees is to open the Airplane Mode on your iPhone and only use Wi-Fi hot spots while you travel. You won’t be able to receive text messages or any phone calls, but you will still be able to check your e-mail, use instant massagers, and browse the Internet over a Wi-Fi-only connection.


How to open it?


On most devices, Airplane Mode can be enabled within the ‘Setting’ menu. Once you click aside it, cellular networks, voice and data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS are disabled. The devices can only work with the content which you previously downloaded.

Even if cellular signals were allowed on airplanes, and even if every airplane on Earth were equipped with a micro-cell, airplane mode would still be necessary.


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