Can I charge my iPhone 7 while listening to music?



When it comes to the most talked changes in iPhone 7 is its lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack.


Inside the box, you no longer get a pair of 3.5mm Ear pods. Instead, you get a pair of Lighting Ear pods which sounds very convenient.

However, the real problem is Apple arrogantly dismissed it move as ‘Courageous’ on stage, it’s didn’t answer a key scenario for those who want to play music through headphones and charge the iPhone at the same time. In other words, within the changes of Bluetooth headphones, you would not be able to charge your iPhone 7 while use any wired headphones without a adapter


Although Apple official suggests using it new iPhone charging dock to listen to music and charge at the same time, but it’s not the best options due to the high prices. Here we would like to present you several methods to get around this issue.




1: Using wireless headphones.


If you asked for the best way to listen to music and music at the same time, the answer is obvious, Use wireless headphones. Most of the wireless headphones are rely on Bluetooth technology, as it frees the lighting port up to be used by a charger without any worry about sharing port. But be sure that the headphones are charged enough when use it.

It is difficult to buy a wall charger from market that involving the wide range of shapes, sizes and different levels of prices. Don’t worry, take a look at our selection of EasyAcc Best Sport Earpods.


2: Belkin Lighting Audio + Charge RockStar


Coming in with a quick fix is the Belkin Lightning Audio +Charge RockStar, a product that came to light after collaboration between the accessory maker and Apple.

The mini-hub sports two Lightning ports – one for charging and one for Lightning headphones. Needless to say, users will need to use the Lightning to 3.5 mm adapter for standard earphones.

It’s not exactly affordable either at $39.99, but nevertheless, it’s a decent option. Availability-wise, it’s expected to roll out on Dec. 10.


After the scrapping of the long-standing, universal 3.5mm phone connector, commonly known as the headphones jack, has already boosted sales of wireless headphones, which according to Apple is the way forward. It’s also upset a lot of people, whose often high-priced cabled headphones now need an adapter to plug into the Lightning socket of the iPhone 7, should they buy one.

However, the biggest issue for office workers will be the Lighting socket is the sole power source for charging the battery of the iPhone 7. It means for all those who sit at their desks, charge the phone and plug in their headphones to listen to music, Apple’s latest smartphone isn’t going to cut the mustard –you simply can’t do both.


Anyway If you know about any other methods to solve the issue, feel free to drop by our comments section below and let us know.




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