How to Charge MacBook Pro 2016


Apple released MacBook Pro 2016 in last week, it certainly aroused public attention for the decision made to remove all the current standard ports, the SD card slot and the magSafe and extraordinary price. Apple just laid out a challenge with its missing headphone jack on iPhone 7 / 7 Plus not long ago, is the choice really wise? Believe or not, for a company with so many brilliant minds behind, Apple always moves a step ahead than others. The new MacBook Pro has fewer physical ports, is smaller and slimmer, more versatile, industry standardized and compatible. Just as Wayne Gretzky said “I look at where the puck is going, and not where it has been”.

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Some users are moaning about the missing USB-A ports and unique magSafe, but the evolutionary allocation of 4 Thunderbolt USB-C ports is a big surprise for us undoubtedly. Not to mention that all these 4 ports support the charging function. While Apple didn’t talk too much about the charging details, What is the standard charger of MacBook Pro 2016? How to charge MacBook Pro 2016 properly? Let’s take a look briefly.

New chargers of MacBook Pro 2016

The power adapters of 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro 2016 are 61W and 87W respectively, from the picture below we can see the cord and adapter are separated and the output port is USB-C standardized. Apple only marked the rate of power as 61W and 87W without the voltage and current rating, citing information from adapter manufacturers in china, the  voltage rating is around 20.3V and current rating is 3.0A and 4.3 A correspondingly.



Can we use the charger of old MacBook with a converter to charge the new MacBook Pro? The answer is positive, but not efficient at all. The chargers share the same USB PD charging standard, but the old charger outputs only 30W at maximum, we can see the difference immediately. What about the 3rd party MFi products? Currently only few brands can supply the USB PD adapters with power rated 60W and above, I believe there will definitely be an obvious growth and tech development after the new MacBook Pro release in market.  

How to charge MacBook Pro 2016

An interesting question asked: What if I use 4 Thunderbolt ports to charge my MacBook Pro simultaneously? What will happen? Apparently it’s a joke, but the majority of users are curious about the answer. Apple officially answered in the manual documents that MacBook Pro 2016 will only draw the maximum power input among the 4 Thunderbolt ports, therefore it won’t make charging faster with 4 inputs. 


Can we use one-to-multi ports converter to charge MacBookPro 2016? Yes, the Apple genuine USB-C VGA multi-ports converter and hub both work fine with 60W charging,  some new released MFi products are able to support 60W as well, but some out-of-date products could only support 45W at most, be aware of that. 


Can we use the USB-C to C cord coming with my phone to charge MacBook Pro 2016? Not suggested. As we can see MacBook Pro 2016 needs 3A and 5A current flow respectively for 13-inch and 15-inch, 3A cords are widely provided by most MFi brands, but the tech threshold and cost are much higher at 5A cords, up to now the only certified 5A cords are only available in Apple store.


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