Macbook not Charging When Plugged in

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what’s wrong? MacBook won’t charge up. I plug the power adapter into my Apple laptop and nothing happens – it doesn’t hold any charge at all.

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Perhaps,  I should look at these reasons from several aspects.

First of all, I checked the battery. If your battery isn’t in a well-ventilated area (or if it’s old), it can build up a lot of heat and trigger a shutdown to prevent damage. Carefully touch the battery with your hand — if it feels hot, it could have shut itself down. Let it cool off in a well-ventilated area before trying to use it again.

Secondly, When the temperature of  your battery cool down you plug it in again. If  it still does not charge then we should check Plug on the Adapter.

The “duckhead” AC plug on your adapter could also pose a problem — if the blades are bent or loose, or there are black marks on them, it might not be transmitting power correctly. The best solution to this problem is simply to replace the AC plug. Most MacBooks come with a three-prong extender cord, and you can use that to see if the AC plug is the problem. Remove it, attach the extender cord, and plug it into the wall. If your computer starts charging normally, the plug is the problem, and you can replace it.

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Another possible problem could be your MacBook’s power port, where the macbook magsafe cable gets plugged in. It’s quite uncommon as Apple went to big lengths to ensure the MagSafe port is protected against accidental yanks and trips over the cable. If it’s indeed the problem, could mean a replacement of your laptop – so check to see if it’s still under warranty!

Look for any discolorations, burns, or dents inside of the port. If any of these symptoms appear, it could mean your port is damaged.

If your port is damaged, take it into a local Apple authorized computer repair store or an Apple store to get it fixed.

If  above three programs can not solve the problem. Lets check the software parts.

The first method, Check MacBook settings. If your MacBook keeps losing its charge, you should check that the Settings aren’t draining the battery.

Open up System Preferences and choosing Settings > Energy Saver. Check that the Computer Sleep and Display Sleep sliders are not all the way to the right (set to Never). If they are, click the Default button to reset them.

The second method, Reset the SMC. The SMC controls a lot of very important parts of your MacBook, including the power supply. Occasionally, the SMC gets out of whack and you’ll need to reset it. these are the steps you need to follow on a new MacBook (with a non-removable battery):

1.Shut down the MacBook (Apple > Shut Down).

2.Connect the MagSafe power adapter.

3.Hold down Control + Shift+ Option and the Power button for about four seconds. Then release all four together.

4.Press the Power button start up the Mac.

Macbook not Charging When Plugged in 2.jpg

If this doesn’t help then you should take the MacBook to Apple for servicing . Anyway, I hope all of these can help you solve these problem.


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