IPhone 7 Plus Has Wireless Charging

Even though the rumors about the possible of wireless charging on new Apple products  have been going on for a couple of years. Apple this time has launched the airpods, but not launched the iPhone 7/7 plus with wireless charging yet. A new report hinted that Apple may give their products wireless charging abilities in the future.To view the situation as a whole, Apple will not always go together with wires. If you want your iPhone 7 plus has wireless charging, take it easy,we are in the same box. Just let me find out two ways for you so that help you out by using convenient accessories.

1.Wireless Charging Receiver For iPhone 7/7 Plus

IPhone 7 Plus Has Wireless Charging 2

The best way we found so far to let iPhone 7/7 plus has wireless charging is to use a wireless charing receiver for iPhone 7/7 plus. What you need to do first must be buy a wireless charging receiver that suits iPhone 7/7 plus. The brand of wireless charging receiver you can search from Amazon to decide which to buy.

After you own a wireless charging receiver, you will have to plug in the included lightning cable of the wireless charging receiver. Then, you need to fold it over the back of your iPhone 7 or 7 plus. At the same time, you can install a thin genuine leather case or other case on your iPhone 7/7 plus in order to protect your iPhone 7/7 plus well.

The last step is you just need to place your iPhone 7/7 plus discreetly on the wireless charging pad to start charging. In order not to demage the two devices or cause any other security incidents, you’d better not put  cup or any thing with water near the wireless charging receiver or your iPhone 7/7 plus.

2.Wireless Charging Cases For iPhone 7/7 Plus

IPhone 7 Plus Has Wireless Charging 3

What if you are in the open air and your iPhone 7/7 plus runs out of battery? I guess the wireless charging receiver for iPhone7/7 plus can’t help you on the embarrassing condition. Here comes the wireless charging cases for iPhone 7/7 plus which can deal with your matters well.  It’s another way of charging your device wirelessly.

Just buy a wireless charging case for your iPhone 7/7 plus. Upload the old case of your iPhone at the first. Next install the wireless charging case on your iPhone 7/7 plus and then press the power button. Then the case will charge for your device. The way it works is pretty simple and handy.

Most of many people expected iPhone 7/7 plus has wireless charging. For the time being, how we solve the matter with charge wirelessly is to use the two convenient accessories.  


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