Will iPhone 7S or iPhone 8 feature dual SIM card


Before the official iPhone 7 event, rumors said that chances were dual sim iPhone 7 would arouse people’s attention, even though it turned out to be wrong eventually, somehow the demand of dual sim iPhone 7S or iPhone 8 is increasing.



Why haven’t Apple launched dual SIM iPhone so far ?

Clue 1: Space Concern

Someone guesses that there is one huge technical reason for that–space. Apple believes the benefits of having a thinner iPhone with more battery life and other features outweigh the advantages of a dual SIM iPhone, which most of it’s customers do not need and would never use. Increasing a sim in iPhone means increasing the space required . Apple even uses NANO SIM to get the space out of it . This is the level Apple works at.


Clue 2: SIM card may disappear

According to the reports from financial times the SIM card may be about to disappear. The report refers to the new standard as an embedded SIM — or an e-SIM — which would remain inside the phone and give consumers the ability to switch carriers without getting a new card, rather than locking them into a specific carrier, as they do now. That means no more swapping SIMs to switch phones or carriers; it would all be done through an interface on the device. If the technology is ready to be applied, dual SIM iPhone will make no sense.

Clue 3: Target Customer Group Analysis

Apple consumers belong to a niche category where they don’t have to look into cost cutting factors that a dual sim option provides. If a person accepts the remarkable high selling price of an iPhone, he or she would hardly worry about cheap voice plan from one carrier and cheap data plan from another. Additionally, carriers are able to provide virtually free iPhones as they generate revenue from hefty contract plans that they offer to their subscribers, and adding a dual sim option would simply not work in their favor.

Clue 4: Battery Backup

Dual SIM iPhone requires more power to manage its resources. It drains battery much faster than single sim iPhones, unless we have iPhones that have larger than 3000–4000 mAh batteries (which will eventually degrade their performance after a year). If the dual SIM iPhone comes one day and Apple is not eager to enlarge the battery space, an external battery backup would be rather important.

Clue 5: Possible downgrade of other performance

Apple pays too much attention to details and quality. Adding dual sim support eventually downgrades the performance and the hardware build quality from engineering perspective. If Apple could find a way to achieve both goals perfectly, that would be another story.


However, citing from daily reports, Apple had already submitted the patent application of dual SIM iPhone in China early this year. Although the application is still on process, it may spark a debate once the news is officially acknowledged if it’s likely to release a dual SIM iPhone 7S or iPhone 8 in China’s market.

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