How long does it take to charge the iPhone 7 plus from 0% to 100%


The iPhone 7 Plus is Apple’s large phablet with a not-so-large screen and dual cameras on the back, it is claimed to be featured with an all-day-life battery, for a power-consuming big phone the battery life matters a lot, a longer-lasting battery is definitely one of the fancy highlights.


The battery capacity of the iPhone 7 is announced to be 1960 mAh, and for the iPhone 7 Plus it reaches 2900 mAh by teardown confirmation, which is just over 5% larger than the 2,750 mAh battery in the iPhone 6s Plus. The battery is rated at 3.82V and 11.1Wh of energy. Apple declared the iPhone 7 Plus has up to 1 hour longer battery life than the iPhone 6s Plus. To be compared with the gigantic 3500 mAh of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the iPhone 7 Plus doesn’t take the lead. However, The Galaxy Note 7 is in danger of being on the no fly list because of fire and explosion risks, customers who had not gotten the Note 7 would definitely hold back any plans of getting it and start having second thoughts to buy an iPhone 7 Plus.


How long does it take to charge the iPhone 7 Plus from 0% to 100%?

There are 3 factors affecting the charging time:

1.the rated current of charger

2.Charging cable efficiency

3.Power conversion rate

Theoretically if the charger you use is the official 1A /5W, the genuine charging cable efficiency is 90% and the power conversion rate is 90% ( high-quality threshold ), the charging time would be as below:

battery capacity / charger rated current / charging efficiency / power conversion rate =  3.58 hours

The charging time is much longer than other Android phones featured with Quick Charge technology, how to charge iPhone 7 Plus faster?

Simple enough, use a larger current rating charger. Practically everyone knows, the supporting charging power rate of the iPhone 7 Plus is not exactly the same as the iPhone 7, the iPhone 6S Plus can support around 8W charging power, the iPhone  7 Plus has been upgraded to the level of 10W to 12W according to some 3rd party test result.

EasyAcc 36W 3 port USB Wall Charger

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EasyAcc 36W 3-port USB Wall Charger

EasyAcc multi-ports wall charger can charge the iPhone 7 Plus at maximum speed according to the power need to draw and adjust the current flow dynamically.

Generally we need more than one charger for daily use, one at home, one in the office, even one in the car. 

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The extra micro USB cable ensures an charge for android device simultaneously. 




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