Samsung Galaxy S8: Everything You Need to Know


There is a possibility that due to the explosion of Samsung Note 7 and recall of almost all the Samsung Note 7, Samsung company let out the news of Galaxy S8 earlier than originally planned.  According to the report given by PhoneArena, Samsung has given out the publicity picture of release conference at 2017 Mobile World Conference on February 26 in Barcelona. There is a clear Galaxy logo on the picture. It may indicate next Samsung top model, Galaxy S8, will officially public at that time. Now, it’s time to know something about Samsung Galaxy S8.


From this publicity picture, we can not only see a Galaxy logo, but also an 8 one the eyeball. Meanwhile, iris recognition and flexible screen may be the major selling points of Samsung Galaxy S8.

Before, insider leaked an information Galaxy S8 will have significant evolution. It will cancel Home button and become the first Samsung top model without Home button. Due to the cancel of Home button, Samsung will apply newest patented technology so that users can touch display screen for fingerprint identification.


According to the rumors before, Galaxy S8 will equip with 4 cameras, an iris-recognition camera, a front-facing camera and rear dual camera. Surprisingly, dual camera’s pixels of Galaxy S8 are different. One camera’s pixel is 12 million, and another’s is 13 million, separately produced by Samsung and Sony foundry.

Snapdragon 830 equipped in Galaxy S8 will apply Samsung 10nm technology. It possesses 8 cores, including 4 Kryo big cores and 4 little cores. The highest frequency is 2.6Hz. It ensures Galaxy S8 has strong performance and cruising ability is impressive as well. Moreover, 4K display screen enables Samsung Gear VR’s display effect attains the best.

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