How To Listen To Music While Charging IPhone 7

This time the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus are getting rid of the headphone jack off officially. Apple fans love the renewed design of the iPhone 7 ,especially the dual-camera is set up of the iPhone 7 plus. At the same time , not every change is welcomed with open arms. The design of 3.5mm headphone jack was replaced to a dual-speaker system which complained by many users. The question first comes out in users’ mind might be “How to listen to music while charging iPhone 7?” Don’t worry, here are some solutions for you to stop complaining.

Use Lightning Dock

How To Listen To Music While Charging IPhone 7 2

It’s a good choice for you to buy the Apple branded lightning dock. Apple has updated their universal iPhone lightning dock with new colors to match the new iPhone 7, including silver, gold, rose gold and black. What makes the iPhone lightning dock especially handy is that you can plug lightening in to charge and 3.5mm headphones to listen to music. A replacement or second one will set you back $9 if you order it from Apple.

Use Lightning Adapter

How To Listen To Music While Charging IPhone 7 3

There is another accessory for you if you don’t mind buying even more accessories. This lightning adapter lets you plug lightning into your iPhone 7 and then headphones and a charging cable into the double lightnings on the other side. It’s a pity that this would cost you about  $40. But if you can hold off a bit longer, it will in a much lower price range hitting the marketing soon. Anyway, it’s still nice to know the accessory that you don’t have to be stuck waiting for solution.

Use Bluetooth

How To Listen To Music While Charging IPhone 7 4

Eventually, it could be time to enjoy the power of Bluetooth. you will be able to get rid of tangled wires and having a much more superior experience.In addition to this, one thing people always complain about with Bluetooth headphones is when they’re watching videos, sometimes there’s a sound delay. Apple claims they have worked this problem out with an new Bluetooth chip in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and recommends using their new wireless airpods($159), which are supposed to have virtually no delay at all.

Although Bluetooth doesn’t offer audio quality as good as wired headphones, they can give you more freedom which is an attractive prospect to listen to music while charging iPhone 7.

Use IPhone 7/7p’s Speakers

How To Listen To Music While Charging IPhone 7 5

Apple packed a stereo speaker system into the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus which means the audio quality should be clear and sound high-definition.If you’re in an awkward situation and can’t use your headphones or speakers with your new iPhone 7 while it’s charging, maybe it’s better to listen to whatever you might be listening to in speaker mode.The sound should come from your iPhone’s internal speaker system instead.

Which way will you choose to figure the problem out? Share it if you have other option!


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