How to Quick Charge iPhone 7/ 7 Plus?


The Apple users who pre-ordered iPhone 7 / 7 Plus in the first place mostly have received their new iPhone and can not wait to try the new features. The battery life has been improved to a certain level — iPhone 7 has 2-hour longer battery life than iPhone 6S and 1-hour longer with respect to the Plus battery upgrade. 


What about the charger? The power output by the charger directly affects the charging speed.

iPhones, in their current state, ship with a charger that supports a 1A /5W charger. It may a little bit disappoint  the iPhone 7 users that the charger comes in the box keeps exactly the same as the last generation, no input power upgrade means longer charging time due to a higher battery capacity. However,  it’s not a secret that an iPhone can be charged faster with a 2.4A /12W iPad adapter.


With such an out-of-date charger it’s hard to say whether iPhone 7 / 7 Plus can win the market against some Android smartphones featured with quick charge technology. Here comes good news from the iPhone 7 pioneers. An Apple fan from China uploaded a picture in his blog, which showed the charging voltage and current reach up to 5.19V 1.76A respectively ( charging power > 9W ) when he applied a MFi 3rd party manufactured charger instead of a genuine iPhone 7 charger. 


How to quick charge iPhone 7/ 7 Plus?

As a commonly acknowledged fact, the charging speed of iPhone and iPhone Plus is not exactly the same. iPhone 6S Plus can support around 8W charging power which is limited by battery capacity and capability of heat dissipation, while iPhone 7 is able to reach an impressive charging power of 10W reportedly. Therefore, it would be much faster to charge your iPhone 7/ 7 Plus with an iPad charger 10W / 12W or a 3rd party branded charger featured higher input power.

#EasyAcc Smart 24W 4.8A 2-Port USB Wall Charger

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Each port can output 2.4A /12W at maximum and adjust the output power dynamically to quick charge your iPhone 7/ 7 Plus at full speed. 


Will the next iPhone feature Quick Charge technology?

Before the official release event of iPhone 7 / 7 Plus, rumors said iPhone 7 would definitely feature quick charge. However rumors have been proved to be rumors, Apple doesn’t intend to apply Qualcomn Quick Charge technology like other Android phones do, but Apple does consider to improve user experience of charging speed which we can see from the efforts made on iPhone 7 / 7 Plus. 

I’d rather believe that Apple will focus on developing wireless quick charge technology, citing an unnamed company official, it is said that Apple had started a wireless charging developing program with Energous Corp for 2 years. Just as Apple design director Jonathon said, the future is wireless.


Wireless charging might be a new feature for iPhone 8, while audio and charging adapter is something you can definitely add into your iPhone 7/7 Plus accessories now. Due to the missing headphone jack, this little thing can help you out when you would like to listen to music while charging.



How to Quick Charge iPhone 7/ 7 Plus?》有7个想法

  1. does the charger of Samsung mobile 2mah is compatible to iphone 6s or it will damage it in feature?

    please replay to me on my email

    1. I assume you were asking whether the Samsung 2A charger is compatible to iPhone 6s, am I right? If so, the answer would be yes, despite the genuine charger is standardized with 5V 1A, actually iPhone 6s can totally support the charging current of 2.1A, someone use ipad chargers to charge iPhone 6s without hassle.

      1. I bought a cheap Wall charger with two USB ports from Walmart. One port says tablet and the other says nothing. But the tablet port charges my iPhone 7 plus at a ridiculously fast speed. I think the wall adapter cost maybe $10. Also, if I’m not mistaken, there is supposedly an app in the App Store that enables rapid charging. I’m pretty sure that when the jailbreak is finally out that that feature will be unlocked as well.

      2. Really appreciate your reply. I suppose the tablet charging port offers 2A charging current which apparently speed up the charging process. I agree that some features will be unlocked when the jailbreak is executed, but not sure in which way, probably in a bad way.

  2. My $250 Oppo phone has fast charge which i purchased a year ago, go to their website its a feature they implement on most of its phone line. So a budget handset offers this out of the box, i get 50% charge in around 15mins, i dont understand a flagship phone from apple dosent have tbis out of the box.


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