How To Charge iPhone 7 Without Charger?

If you have no chargers, what will you do for an iPhone 7 out of battery? In fact, there are still various options to make iPhone 7 get charged. Of course, the basic requirement about how to charge iPhone 7 without charger is that you should have a charging cable first, then I will show you some tips about how to charge it without chargers.

1.Find a computer and connect it with iPhone 7

Connect your iPhone 7 to a computer, it’s a common and easy way to charge it without charger. As all previous iPhone in different versions, it can be charged easy if you have a USB charging cable without a charger. Do as what I say,  just plug the cable in the computer and connect iPhone 7 with the lightening cable. Your iPhone 7 will get juice from the computer as usual. Notice that, the computer should be a USB-enabled computer. Trust me, the computer is the first choice if you without a charger.

How To Charge iPhone 7 Without Charger, Find a computer and connect it with iPhone 7

2. Charge iPhone 7 with a wall charger

Entering into a room, like a library or a living room, you will find there are some outlets on the wall. Some wall chargers enable you connect the iPhone 7 with a charging cable, then you can wait it gets full charged. It should be mentioned that, a tiny size wall charger will be portable and  use a little space, which means you will get iPhone 7 charged without charger easier.

EasyAcc 36W 3-Port USB Wall Charger only $16.99 now

Charge iPhone 7 with a wall charger

3. Check other electronics for USB ports.

It’s common to see there are some USB ports on televisions, outlets on the wall, stereo systems, and sometimes even kitchen appliances, for example, an refrigerator. Use a lightening cable to connect iPhone 7  and plug it in the USB ports, it also helps you on how to charge iPhone 7 without charger.

How To Charge iPhone 7 Without Charger,Check other electronics for USB ports

4. Charge iPhone 7 in the car

I guess you must have charged your phone in the car previously. Sometimes, you just forget bringing a charger outside and once the power is off, everything get a mess. What should you do if you have no charge but the smartphone is hungry? Find a car and get access to it, you can prepare a ordinary car charger for your new iPhone 7 on Amazon, or buy it at any department stores at the corner of the street. You will get the iPhone charged while you are driving on the way.

How To Charge iPhone 7 Without Charger,Charge iPhone 7 in the car

5.You should have a power bank for iPhone 7

In fact, too much power banks are recommended to you as your smartphone’s battery guards. Such as,  you need to know some power banks if you have a Samsung Note 7. Just put a portable power bank in the buying list when you are preparing pre-order the iPhone 7. Power Banks around $40 from EasyAcc could be chosen for different materials with different capacities. As the iPhone 7 has a 1960mAh battery that means you could choose power banks from 3350mAh to 26000mAh, and it depends on your charging purpose and personal preference.

EasyAcc 20000mAh power bank with 4 ports and Smart technology only $32.99

How To Charge iPhone 7 Without Charger,You should have a power bank for iPhone 7

Once the iPhone 7 arrives to you, you could try above tips if you leave the charge at home. Or more suggestions about how to charge iPhone 7 without charger are awaiting comment below.


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