How to Save Phone Battery

We all know that the battery is the source of the phone power. Without the power supply of the battery, mobile phone will be of no use. A high capacity and high performance battery can not only give your mobile phone a long-time endurance, but also protect the circuit of phone and make the phone work long hours and high-efficiently. Otherwise, it may cause unexpected damage to your handsets.

However, for our players, the capability of the battery is finalized while it is produced in factory. Its capacity and performance are both determined by the battery itself, and in this regard we can’t change artificially. But it doesn’t mean that we can do nothing to the battery after getting it. What the cell phones use are rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. After the energy storage runs out, you need to recharge it before the next use. You can never underestimate this step of charging. A good charger and the correct charging method can keep your phone a long standby time, as well as extend the life of battery. Then someone may ask: how to charge? how to save the phone battery?

After a period of actual using, I summed up the ways to save battery:
1、Normally, before the lithium batteries leave from factory, manufacturers will activate and pre charge them. Thereby all the batteries will remain some electricity. The first 3-5 times of charging are called the adjustment period, the battery should be charged for more than 14 hours to ensure the full activation of lithium-ion.
2、when the indicator rights of some automatic intelligent chargers change, the battery, in fact, is only full of 90%. At this time, do not cut off the power supply of the chargers immediately. It is best to replenish power for a period of time until the battery is fully charged. Otherwise, it will shorten the using time of your cell phones.
3、If the speed of charging can be adjusted, I recommend you’d better choose the slow charge mode. However, no matter choosing the slow charge mode or the fast, the time shall not be more than 24 hours. Or else, the battery will be more likely to be damaged by the electron flow generated from charging for a long time.
4、Some users are used to use their phones while charging. But under this circumstance, the battery has to discharge outward because of the use of phone, while has to charge inward because of charging. Thus it is very likely to cause voltage disturbance and heat the circuit board of the mobile phone. If, at this time, there is an incoming call, it will produce an instant return current, causing damage to the components of the cell phones.
5、Don’t expose the battery to the high temperature or the cold. For example, in summer, the mobile phone should not be placed under a scorching sun, or taken to the air conditioned room to blow.
don’t_expose_the_battery_to_the_high_temperature_or the_cold
6、Lithium batteries must use a dedicated charger, or else it may not reach saturation state which will inevitably affect the performance of battery.
The mobile phone changes the life of people, and brings people closer from around the world. As long as you take good care of it, it will return to you a more beautiful world. Holding a new cell phone, what would you like to do? You can enjoy the first using experience of your phone with dramatic improvements. You can take photos with the advanced camera system and you can also listen to the music with wireless headphones. While you find it runs out of power, what you only need to do is to charge it as above.


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