Best Cable for Apple iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus

best cable for apple iPhone 7

best cable for apple iPhone 7

As predicted, Apple just killed off the headphone jack in the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. But Apple is including an adapter dongle which means people will still be able to connect their old wired headphones.

About the charging port and cable of iPhone7 & iPhone 7 Plus, It’s the same with iPhone previous lightening port and you will get a standard lightening cable in the box with your new iPhone 7.

best cable for apple iPhone 7

However, if you want to charge your phone in different space such as bedroom, office desk or sofa space, you’d better invest in a spare or two.

You may expect a usual cable could be a little longer or stronger that can survive tugs, bumps or the badly attentions of pets and children.

Here look at the best lightning cables around!


1: ZYD iPhone7 Lightening Cable

best cable for apple iPhone 7

It’s a valuable choice for the people who need a tangle-free, braided cable. They can quickly charge and sync the data. But they are a bit heavier and tougher than most standard cables.

For its design, the black and white stripes are eye-catching and special.

With its aluminum-alloy connectors, the resistance to tangling is definitely welcome as well.


2: Spigen iPhone 7 Cable

best cable for apple iPhone 7

Within its fast charging speed and data transfer. You can definitely trust its cost performance. It comes with various colors such as black, grey and so on which might be the best cable at this price point.


3: Ventev ChargeSync iPhone 7 Cable.

best cable for apple iPhone 7

You might prefer to have a short cable to keep your desk looks tidy as you really hate the cable clutter.  Luckily, there are no worries in Ventev. This cable not only chargers and syncs data at full speed but also flat. So there’s no danger of tangling. It works well and durable. Great choice!


4: Griffin Retractable Lighting Cable

best cable for apple iPhone 7

If you do not have the needs of the length, but the tangle of the cord in your pocket, the Griffin will promises you a compact solution within its sleek retractable cable.

The Griffin cable is less than 2 inches wide, half an inch thick. You can feel free to pull out the cable from the USB to the Lighting port.

The cable will at 27 inches of length in total, Fabulous!


5: Anker PowerLine New iPhone 7 Charging Cable

best cable for apple iPhone 7

If the cable’s quality is your priority, Anker would be your top choices. There are over 10 million+ people who have bought it and gained high reputation in the market.

Also, it has an adjustable Pouch that includes an innovative poach to allow you to use it well when connecting all the things in your home space around.

best cable for apple iPhone 7

Have you got your favorite cable? Looking forward to your valuable feedback, comment below!


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