How Long To Charge iPhone 7 First Time?



New iPhone 7 is here. 

On the special event in California today, Apple launches its new version iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus. This time, iPhone 7 brings us some useful aspects for a brand-new iPhone experience. Ditching a headphone change by enable users either have to use wireless Bluetooth headphones, which we can called AirPods, or you could choose the traditional wired headphones but with a lightening port, which it can also used for charging. When talking about charging iPhone, Apple puts more emphasis on updating the battery of iPhone 7. The debut of a A 10 Fusion Chip offers it with the most powerful battery, which means its long battery life runs best than other iPhone predecessor. And iPhone 7 is featured with 2X faster than iPhone 6, so how to charge iPhone 7 for the first time?  How to charge iPhone 7 without charger


How Long To Charge iPhone 7 First Time?

Let’s back to the battery capacity of iPhone 7, then you will be access to know how long to charge iPhone 7 first time easy. According to leaked news from twitter, the iPhone 7 will feature a 1960 mAh battery which is the guarantee for longer running time on iPhone. And it’s a slight upgrade than the iPhone 6 which is feature with  a 1810 mAh battery. So do you really know the mean of the extra 150 mAh? Apple claims that the iPhone 7 will be 2x faster than iPhone 6 that means iPhone 7 will be more power- hungry. If you get your new iPhone 7 after September 16?

iPhone 7 Battery Capacity mAh


How long should you let your iPhone 7 charge for the first time?

The answer is the time depends on you. Yes, you could charge it as often and as long as you can. Let’s make a brief introduction about how to charge iPhone 7  when first charging with best practice to get a long battery life.  Actually, never try to charge the new iPhone at the first time when you get it. Just enjoy the first using experience of the iPhone 7 with dramatic improvements. Taking photos with the advanced new camera systems and listening the music with wireless AirPods, then when you find it runs out of power, you could charge it as often and as long as you can. There is no memory effect and also you cannot overcharge iPhone. So charge whenever you want and as long as you want even with 100% charge.

Lithium batteries embodied in iPhone 7 will make sure you can’t overcharge the battery, even deep discharges are so difficult to come true, so just enjoy the first charging time. And, here also a notice that if you don’t use it much, do a full discharge once every month or two.

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Await your comments after experience how long to charge iPhone 7 first time.


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How Long To Charge iPhone 7 First Time?》有26个想法

  1. The iphone 7 has all kinds of new features and you can even charge it on your computer if you forget your charger. The last iphone I had was a iphone 4S and I loved it. I know I would love the iphone 7. Thanks for this post.

  2. i have not had the chance to use the iphone 7 but i hear that its much better than previous models be nice to see it and finally get the chance to test it out

  3. I really want to have iPhone 7 since it’s launch because of amazing features availability like much improved front and rear cameras — now with optical image stabilization — deliver much improved photos, especially in low light. Water resistant. A faster processor, plus better battery life.

  4. How About Your iPhone 7: I really need a new phone and this one is peeeeerfect I love Apple products and they do have better battery life than samsung

  5. I would love to update my iphone, as I have a 4s and it is on it’s last leg. Thank you.

  6. I would really love to win the iPhone.. I have an iPhone 5c and its on it’s last leg.. ????

  7. I just went back to #teamiphone with the iPhone 7Plus. I love the camera and the interface. But I miss being able to expand my memory and downloading directly from the internet

  8. I’ve never had an iPhone. If I got this one, I would still probably give it to my wife so she could have the nice phone.


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