Tips To Increase Battery Life On The Smartphone

Tips to increase battery life on the smart-phone-1.jpg

Nowadays, smartphone has become a staple of daily life. More and more people are depending on it as a necessary tool in life. People will go shopping online with it, watch variety shows or play games and so on. Smartphone is taking place of credit cards, master keys and other social tools. People are enjoying the convenience and high efficiency along with the quick development of technology, here came out a problem for almost people. Many people found that the battery life lasts not long enough.  How to increase battery life correctly when so much rumors around ?

Tips to increase battery life on the smart-phone-1.jpg

Rumor1: Unknown charger would damage the battery

Although It is not ideal to use unknown charger for your smartphone’s battery,it also could not damage its battery. The real thing damage your battery is use the fake charger which quality is not good. Ordinary charger would be the best choose, it is also alright for you to choose an unknown charger when you are in a limited economic condition.

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Rumor2: No necessary to shut down your smartphone

What would you feel when you work persistently without rest? You must feel tired and work ineffectively unless you are a super hero or something. The specialist of Genius once introduced one of the best way to increase battery life is to shut your smartphone down before you go to sleep at least once a week. Just treat your smartphone better for God’s sake, it’s the most helpful partner besides you.

Tips to increase battery life on the smartphone-3.jpg

Rumor3: No use while it is charging

You can use the smartphone safely while charging as long as you use the ordinary charger. Rumor has clarified that the Chinese airline stewardess Allen Ma’s death by electrocution when she was answering the phone in July 2013 due to the use of third-party charger, but not Apple’s ordinary charger. There is no necessary to worry too much about answering the phone or text messages while you charging the phone. The thing you need pay attention is not to watch video, variety shows or playing games while charging which cause high temperature would be harmful to battery.

Excessively low or high temperature both go against smartphone’s battery life. Apple products can endure the temperature no lower than 32 degrees Celsius .Samsung clarified that you can use their products in the temperature about 0—122 degrees Celsius.

Anyway, the better intention to treat your smartphone, the longer it will work for you.


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