Samsung Galaxy Note7 V.S. Note 5: What has been changed?

Samsung Note reviews compare with note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 came in Aug 2nd. Note 7 changes a lot with the new blue color compare to Note5. With Note 7 coming, the price for Note 5 should decrease after. So, some Samsung fans may start thinking is it worth to buy a New Note 7. Also, there are other people think if they need to get the newest Note 7 for a higher price.

Samsung Note  reviews compare with note 5

Here is a compare of parameter between Galaxy Note 7 and Note 5


Galaxy Note 7

Galaxy Note 5

Screen Size

5.7 inch Curve Super AMOLED

5.7 inch Curve Super AMOLED

Screen Resolution













5-megapixel in front

12-megapixel in the back

5-megapixel in front

16-megapixel in the back

Battery Capacity

3500mAh (wireless charging)



TouchWiz (Android 6.0.1)

TouchWiz (Android 5.1)

Body Size

153.5*73.9*9.3mm (169g)

153.2*76.1*7.6 (171g)


Gold, Black, Blue, Silber

Gold, Black, Silver

Special Function

Samsung Pay, Type-C, Iris Recognition, S Pen, IP68 Waterproof.

Samsung Pay, S Pan

From the parameter, the Galaxy Note 7 doesn’t have much difference than Note 5. The main changes are CPU, screen design, battery Capacity, and special functions.


In the front, the curved screen design used in Galaxy Note 7 let the screen get more place in the front-panel and then brings amazing visual experience to users. Also, Note 7 has balanced back and front panel and set camera, flashlight, and heart rate sensor in the same location as Galaxy Note 5. Two curve designs are symmetrical with the power key and volume keys in the middle, which gives users better feeling when hold it in hand. Moreover, the new Blue color brings a new feeling to buyers.

samsung Note 7 appearance front and back

In details, the seam crossing in Note 7 is designed perfectly. The front curve glass transit to the mental back panel smoothly. The connecting ports in Galaxy Note 7 are similar as Note 5 but the newest Note 7 adopts Type-C port to follow the main steam.


Galaxy Note 7 adopts 12-megapixel camera, which is the same as Samsung Galaxy S7. Pixel size is 1.4μm. The front camera is 5-megapixel. What’s more, the main camera supports optical anti-vibration.

samsung note 7 camera in the back

Battery Life

Battery capacity for Note 7 is 500mAh more than Note 5, and Note 7 has wireless charging technology. Considering about the stronger CPU and advance charger technology, theoretically, power dissipation of Note 7 will be lower than Note 5, then the battery life will be longer.

S Pen

Besides functions of translation, magnifying, and making GIF, one of the other points is this S pen for Note 7 has pressure sensing technology, which users can control the degree of line thickness by pressure. This pen is also waterproof, thus, you can write under water. Besides, AOD in Galaxy Note 7 give S pan ability to record even though the display falls in sleep, and the record will keep showing in AOD before double click screen. Therefore, the S pen is going better.

samsung note 7 s pan functions

Iris Recognition

The most popular part for Galaxy Note 7 is iris recognition. Samsung add an iris sensor in the front panel to recognize users. Grasping smartphone, swiping the screen, and looking at screen, smartphone will start automatically. This may be the experience people imagine. But the experience of Note 7 is not that perfect. One of the most important problems is that glass will block this function. So users with shortsightedness still need to use the fingerprint. Also, the recognizing distance is pretty short. You need to get close to the screen to make it work. Anyhow, iris recognition is still a pretty cool function and the recognition speed is faster than the fingerprint. It is still a great function to use although the type-in speed is slow.

samsung note 7 iris recognition

All in all, Galaxy Note 7 has better appearance and more function than Note 5. If there is no concern about price, Note 7 is definitely better than Note 5.

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