How Many Times Can A 5200mAh Rated Power Bank Charge Your Phone?

How Many Times Can A 5200mAh Rated Power Bank Charge Your Phone

It’s common that li-ion or polymer cells with a rated voltage of 3.7V are main component of the most power banks . And how about the most smart devices? Check the manual, it’s easy to find the standard input voltage of smart devices is 5V, which means you should get a power bank with an output of 5V to charge your phone.

Why should you choose a 5200mAh power bank?

On the market, there are some power banks with different power capacities from 2000mAh to 30000mAh. Why should you choose a 5200mAh power bank? If you have a mini-size smartphone with a small power capacity or you don’t go anywhere with the big tablet, the 5200mAh is enough for you. With a portable size, it’s easy to bring a mini power bank in your pockets or handbags.

EasyAcc Classic Gen2 5200mAh Power Bank  Price:£10.00

Featured with smooth appearance, the new EasyAcc 5200mAh is adopted with the classical structure as before. With a mini-size,4.09×1.77×0.87 in./104×45×22 mm, the power bank is only 132 g, which won’ t weighing you down and to make your travel easy and cozy. Adopted high quality lithium-ion battery cell with the capacity of 5200mAh,it allocats with 2.1A input, which means you could charge your smartphone less time to enough power and enjoy the tech fun anywhere. Feel afraid but can’t find other flashlight when walking and talking on the phone? The special design of flashlight help you go through the darkness with no fears.


How many times can a 5200mAh rated power bank charge your phone?


Let’s figure out it with two phones, iPhone 6 and the latest Samsung Note 7.        

iPhone 6 (3.82 V 6.91 Wh (1,810 mAh)/Samsung Note 7,  (3500mAh)

Just make a simple calculation under the assumption, there is a full power conversion when using a 5200mAh power bank to charge your phone. Although there really exist a battery consumption when you use a power bank to charge smartphones, and it’s about 15%-20%.

So let’s start with,
The power of 19.2Wh keeps unchanged when power bank output raise to 5V.
so 3840mAh/1810mAh = 2.1 times

how many times can a 5200mAh power bank charge your iPhone 6

Or you can just use the formula with the Samsung Note 7.

5200mAh/3500mAh= 1.4 times

how many time can a 5200mAh power bank charge your Samsung S7 note

It’s easy to get the conclusion,  a 5200mAh rated power bank can charge an iPhone two times in a calculation figure. But in fact, you may use it to charge your iPhone almost 1.5 times. Then, how many times can a 5200mAh power bank fully charge your new Samsung Note 7? The answer may be one fully charging. Considering it, a power bank with super capacity 20000mAh  should be put in your shopping list for the hot and new device.


An interesting video show you how to use a 5200mAh power bank charge your phone and tablet. Enjoy it.

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How Many Times Can A 5200mAh Rated Power Bank Charge Your Phone?》有2个想法

  1. Can someone tell me why my 5200mah power bank can charge my samsung galaxy j7 2017(3600mah) only 67%

    1. There is a conversion rate during your charging process, generally speaking, a 5200 mAh power bank should be able to charge a 3600mAh phone till 100% except that the charging conversion rate is under 70%, or the power bank is not truly 5200 mAh rated.


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