Galaxy S Pen Note 7 –New Features, New S Pen

Galaxy S Pen Note 7 –New Features, New S Pen

The new Samsung galaxy note 7 was released and surprisingly amazed many people note only by its curved design as usual and new functions, but also the new S pen. The S pen note 7, just as note 7 itself, is improved a lot based on the s pen note 4 and s pen note 5. Below are the 8 new features of s pen galaxy note 7. Galaxy Note 7 review.

1 The 0.7 mm s pen tip.

Compared to the s pen galaxy note 5 and s pen s 7 edge, this new s pen note 7 has a much smaller pen tip of only 0.7mm, which makes the writing more precise and accurate. In addition, note 7’s s pen allows for 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity, that’s twice as much as the s pen from the note 5.


2 Water resistance

It’s not only the note 7 you can use underwater, but also the s pen. Even if it’s raining or your pen is wet, you can still write on it.

Galaxy S Pen Note 7 –New Features, New S Pen

3 Eraser function.

When you are taking note or drawing something on your galaxy note 7 and need to correct the content, you can quickly press the button to the side and erase what you write before.


4 Always on display

This note 7 s pen combines always on function on galaxy s7 and s7 edge with the screen off memo of the galaxy note 5 so that you can take notes with your S pen anytime. Samsung galaxy note 7 vs galaxy s7 edge.


5 Scroll capture

You can capture long pages, save it or share it via the s pen.


6 S pen apps

Samsung combines all the notes functions into on s pen app, so all your orders and actions via s pen can be done just in the app.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review – Everything You Need to Know about Note 7

7 Translate

Use the note 7 s pen to select where the text from and to and just press the button to decide a target language, you can soon have the corresponding translation and even pronounciation from google.


8 Gif creations

From the air commands, pick smart select and then you will find the animation option on the upper part of the screen. You can take an episode up to 15 seconds from any video you have on your phone or streaming and then create a gif.

Above are new features Samsung galaxy note 7 s pen has. If you have any interesting topics regarding the note 7 and note 7 s pen such as note 7 case, s pen price, s pen apps, s pen games, welcome to comment below and we can have a discussion.


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