Best Pokémon GO Tips For Battery Saver

Pokémon GO Tips to Save Battery Life

If you have question like what is Pokémon Go? Maybe you need a Pokémon Go guide. You need Pokémon GO Battery Saver or Pokémon GO Power Bank, when you asked if Pokémon Go drains your power too fast? Is your smartphone’s Battery life bad with Pokémon Go? You may dream of a Pokémon Go battery saver? Or did you just ask same question at Reddit?

  • My battery sucks since installing Pokémon Go. My friend told me that I “need to get a life”. Is that an app like Greenify?
  • There’s no such Pokémon named “Life” your friend is an idiot.

Pokémon GO Tips to Save Battery Life

What is Pokémon Go?

Pokémon GO is an augmented-reality game, which was released in July 2016. The game allows players to capture, battle, train, and trade virtual Pokémon who appear throughout the real world. A small optional wearable device, the Pokémon Go gadget was released alongside the game, called the Pokémon Go Plus. The device uses a Bluetooth connection to notify users when a Pokémon is nearby with an LED and a light rumble, and is sold separately from the app.

Pokémon GO Tips to Save Battery Life

How to save your battery while playing Pokemon Go?

Pokémon Go Power Drain?

Pokémon GO players complained that it drains the battery too fast. If you are a player, you will also find that spending a day on ‘Pokémon Go’ is the killer for your phone’s battery life. Why the Pokémon GO drains battery so fast? Because when you’re roaming the streets looking for Pokémon, the game constantly uses live GPS, which drains your phone’s battery. When you’re catching the Pokémon and using the game’s AR functionality, the use of your camera will really drain your battery life. GPS and camera are best killers for smartphone’s battery as you know. But without GPS and camera, Pokémon Go is nothing to play. Get some Pokémon Go tips for smartphone’s battery for long time playing. Here we collected some Pokémon GO tips to save battery life

Pokémon GO Tips to Save Battery Life

Pokémon Go Battery Tips

Pokémon Go Battery Saver

Is there a battery Saver for Pokémon Go? We can talk about this topic from two aspects: Software and Hardware.

Software Solution:

Pokémon Go “Battery Saver” Mode

The Software way to save battery is “battery saver” mode. Pokémon Go does have a “battery saver” mode. But what does it do differently while battery saver mode is on? How to use battery saver on Pokémon Go?  How Pokémon Go battery saver mode works?

With battery saver mode on, if you turn your phone upside down (i.e. the TOP of your phone (not the side with the screen)) then the screen goes black. But this battery saver mode may also cause some problem as one player complained: When the battery saver is on, even if you are stationary, your trainer will just wander around the map. “I wonder if battery saver messes with the location accuracy.”

Pokémon GO Tips to Save Battery Life:Battery Saver Mode

Decrease the Brightness

Simple way to save smartphone’s power.

Turn Off the AR Part 

You can also turn off the AR part of the game to avoid having to use your camera. While part of the fun of Pokémon GO is catching Pokémon on your lap or next to your cat or on your toilet, this is the biggest battery killer of all.

Pokémon Go Airplane Mode When Not Playing

If you want save ever last battery for your Pokémon Go, just put your phone on airplane mode or turn it off when you’re not playing. But it seems crazy for the game.

Pokémon GO Tips to Save Battery Life

Hardware Solution:

Power Bank for Pokémon Go

These solutions we said can just help you to save more power for Pokémon Go, but instead of saving power, you just want more battery for this game. Carrying a power bank for Pokémon Go can be a great choice. Because this game really does drain your battery frighteningly fast if you’re using it often.

Best Power Bank: EasyAcc 6400

Just get a best power bank for your smartphone, for example, the EasyAcc 6400mAh Power Bank can charge an iPhone 6 2.5 times or a Galaxy S7 1.5 times, which offers you enough power for Pokémon Go.

Amazon Link: EasyAcc 6400mAh Power Bank

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