Top 7 Best ipad Gadgets

Top 7 Best ipad Gadgets

Several amazing iPad gadgets are introduced below to make your device and life more easy and colorful. You will find new ways to use your iPad. IPad Pro 9.7 vs 12.9.

►7. Structure – 3D scanning  

With the Structure Sensor, the future is in your hands. Rapid 3D scanning of objects and people, 3D maps of interior spaces, and mixed reality experiences where fantasy becomes impossible to tell from reality.

►6.Isketchnote — From paper to your iPad  

Pick up an old ballpoint, a gnawed pencil, or your prized pen. Slip the Ring over it (we promise, you’re not committing to anything!) – and your pen is ready to use with the Slate. Take your trusty portable sketchpad—or any type of paper, even a notebook or paper napkin—and place it on the Slate. With your favorite pen enhanced by the Ring, draw on your notebook placed on the Slate. Your paper drawings are instantly reproduced and saved on your screen.

►5. Brydge – Best companion of your iPad   

Brydge is about thin and weighs as much MacBook air. There is no cables or wires, connecting is as simple as pairing a new Bluetooth device. Brydge is designed for everyone. Whether you are studying a class, watching a video, or working in your office. With bridge, you can go, do more.

►4. Lunatik – Combination of daily ink pen and iPad touch pen 

The Lunatic metal touch man is manufactured by aircraft grade aluminum and features a patent-pending, dual-mode tip that allows you to seamlessly use it with any touch screen. You can also simply unscrew the pen to access the ink cartridge.

►3. Unicone – More than just convenience  

This mini gadget allows you to transfer data between devices with different USB ports. Your life will become much easier by just having a unicone. You can also charge your iPad wireless

►2. Everdock – More than a dock 

The EverDock is designed to support virtually ALL smartphones and tablets. By strategically placing the EverDock in a few places in your home or office, your device will always remain charged and ready to go. By using micro-suction technology, the EverDock remains firmly in place when removing your device. Just grab and go. See more iPad Pro cases

►1. Magbak – worlds’s thinnest iPad mount

With the Magback, you can protect your phone and iPad as well as mount it everywhere. Whether you are working in office, chatting with families or cooking in the kitchen, you can use your iPad freely.



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