Top 5 Must-Have Car Accessories


There are a variety of car accessories available on the market, it’s really hard to choose the right ones to make your daily commute or road trips more comfortable, safer, and all around better. We have rounded up 5 must have car accessories every driver would love to buy.

1. Car Mount

Sometimes the little things can make a big difference especially when it gets smartphones involved. If you need to answer a call or use navigation tools on your phone while driving, you literally only need one hand to quickly secure your phone in the perfect position and get driving with a car mount. Differ from other car mounts, EasyAcc Universal Magnetic Car Mount is capable of unlimited 360 degree rotating with a super mini size, the installation is just as simple as you can imagine. It is the right car accessory you must have.



2.Car Video Recorder & Camera

If you are unfortunately got involved in a car accident, with a car video recorder you’ll have video evidence to avoid protracted disputes with your insurance provider, in court, and much more. By saving you from the endless trouble even blackmail in a crash, a car video recorder is definitely one of must have accessories when you get a new car.


3.USB Car charger

These days, many people own more than one mobile device. Smartphone users who travel in cars regularly can benefit enormously from investing in multi-USB car chargers.  EasyAcc 26W 5.1A Triple USB Car Charger  is the product I recommend to add into your must have car accessories list. By simply plugging the charger into the cigarette lighter and connect your devices with USB cable, you will get reliable and safe charging service while driving.


4.Car Air purifier

Are you sick of artificial scent? Would you like to have peace in your mind while driving? To eliminate car odor and make your ride more enjoyable you would better get a car air purifier, especially when you have a long car trip with kids and pets. Before add one into your shopping car, please make sure if there are chemical ingredients you are allergic to, if so, you can choose some products made from natural materials, like Purggo.


5.Car emergency kit

Car emergency kit is one of those things that you don’t think much about until it’s too late, with a well-equipped emergency kit in the trunk, you can overcome most anything. Literally it includes roadside flares, first aid kit, work gloves, working jacket, brake fluid, extra fuses, fire extinguisher, emergency blanket, light sticks, adjustable wrench, you can make a checklist according to the picture below.




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