Best Places to Go on Vacation: Fall and Winter

best places to go on vacation in fall and winter

Fall and Winter is not just a time that the land going to sleep. For so many vacation time in these two season, the world must still have some best travel destination prepared for you for enjoy. Last page recommend best places to to on vacation for Spring and Summer. For those of you who want more, here still have some other choice to help you looking for a place of ski, beach, or mountains. 

best places to go on vacation in fall and winter


The  Grand Canyon

Avoiding the huge sunshin to hurt your skin, fall is a great time to visit the Grand Canyon before the North Rim closed for snow. You can plan your trip by car, by helicopter, or by boat. If you would like to experience the skywalk on the Canyon, you can choice the west rim managed by pueblo. Or you can just drive to the Grand Canyon National Park to feel how long and huge the canyon is by yourself and make your fall break full with the vast land and beautiful sunset . It will be one of the best places to travel.

grand canyon for travel destination

Aspen in Colorado

From the end of September to the beginning of October, the whole area will be covered with the yellow aspen. The best fall scenery will just stay for about two to three weeks. That time, you can take a bus to Maroon Bell from the little town and take a trial around the Maroon lake. The red rock and yellow aspen forest will be reflected in the lake and your emotion will be cheered up by the image. You can also go further to the Crater lake by the trial go through the forest and take a rest by the snow mountain. This should be a best travel destination to enjoy fall season. Beside, it should also be one of the best places in winter as it is the most famous place to ski. Consider about the sunshine in Colorado, a solar charger will be a good choice to offer your USB device power. 

fall scenery maroon bell in colorado

Adirondacks in New York

Adirondacks is one of the best place to travel in season for harvest, you can pick your own fruits in apple orchard there. each of the 12 view trial get beautiful scenery and Olympic Trail, the most famous one, connect Lake Ontario and Lake Champlain with Lake Placid. Variety of trees show red, orange, and yellow light make the forest a palette from God. A little later than Aspen, you can get there after the middle of October. But remember to go early if you want hiking and take a 20000mAh power bank as a companion.

fall scenery in adirondacks




It is the perfect place for winter vacation. There are forest, beach, sunshine, and volcanos. You can just image your vacation as far as you want. As that far away, there is no chance for you to consider any worries. You can just enjoy your trip. You can swim, enjoy the sunshine everyday and go to the sea to dive or snorkeling to having fun with marine animals. For outdoor activities in Hawaii, you won’t consider if you can use a solar charger in winter any more. Hawaii is not just the best places to go on vacation. It is a vacation paradise. 

hawaii best travel destination for winter vacation


If you feel Hawaii is too far and expensive. Florida is also one of top vacation destinations. You can also enjoy the beach there and explore some secret places for yourself. It will also be funny to say hello to crocodile in the Everglades or play with Mickey in Disneyland. It looks like a best vacation destination for family. If you want islands, you can drive to Key West, going through the cross-sea Highway. That will give you an experience of staying in a blue world. Consider the safety of your smartphone in water activity, you may need to prepare a waterproof phone case.

florida best travel destination

A travel fan always hold some secret vacation places, we welcome you to share it with us if you would like to. 


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