How To Charge iPod With Fruits

how to charge ipod with fruits

how to charge ipod with fruits

When the title of “Charge iPod with Fruits” at first glance, you may feel “What’s the hell it is?” I totally understand your feeling, because I feel the same like you when I first heard the news.

Without further ado, I would like t recommend you an interesting project first. This is a YouTube video which charging your iPod by using different fruits( apple, banana and orange)



Detail Steps:


how to charge ipod with fruits


Firstly, place the fruits, copper wires and two nails on your table. (Fruits should be apple, banana and orange. Wrap your copper wires around the nails five times)

Secondly, insert the prepared nail and copper wires into the fruits at its ends of layout.

Thirdly, connect the copper wires to the banana you prepared before. Wait for 10 minutes

After 10 minutes, you iPod start charging that means you did it! If not, do not upset; because it’s up to a lot of external factor, you can’t charge your iPod rely on fruits, so, just for fun!

Why choose the fruits of apple, orange and banana to charge iPod?

how to charge ipod with fruits

Well, we all know that apple, orange and banana are belongs to the citric fruits.
Why an apple can charge an iPod because of its low acidity, and it can create high voltage with enough electricity to use.
Also, it has a lot of citric juice and citric acid which is better for electric conduction.
When acidic juice mixed with two metals and get stuck into three fruits, then the chemical substances of the fruits may become energy to charge iPod. Both two metals are act as negative and positive poles. The wire is used as a translator between two poles to conduct small voltage.
Generally, every fruit can transfer from ½ to ¾ volts.
When the nail into the fruit, the negative ions will pass from the fruit to the nail, and leave the protons in the fruit surface. And then connected the wire to the nail, you will find that the energy can be generated. The reason for it is that when two metals like zinc and copper are put into fruit, they will act as two opposite poles and react with iPod.

how to charge ipod with fruits

You may have the interest of trying it by yourself. Actually, I really recommend you to do it, as you will find a lot of surprise through the process.
Besides, there a point I should inform you first is that the result is not all success, you may fail in the end of action, because different fruits may happens different quantity of citric acid or your wires may unqualified to doing this test.
So, don’t stress about the test results, just enjoying the process whether it gain success or not.


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