USB Type C Cable: One to all

USB Type C Cable

Nowadays, USB Type C is not only a hot word in Google, but also a high-tech trend in the world!
We can see that Google and Apple have both launched new mobile computers recently, though the machines have so many difference, however, they have a common thing, that is USB Type-C ports.

USB Type C Cable

So, what exactly is USB Type-C? How can USB Type C Cable use be better? What’s the top three brand of USB Type C Cable? Let’s have a look!


What is USB Type C?

USB Type C Cable

Physically, the Type-C port and connector is about the same size with Micro-B USB, this means it’s small enough to work for even the smallest devices.
Starting at 2015, Type-C USB are support to USB 3.1 with the great speed of 10Gbps and has much high power output of up to 20V(100W) and 5A.
Once more, USB-C can enable storage vendors to make bus-powered.


What can USB Type C Cable do?

USB Type C Cable

1: High transfer speed
A thing lets you charge your USB-C device as well as sync your photos, music and data to your existing laptop at transfer speeds of 480 Mbps. Plus, the cable also supports up to 3 Amps of power output for charging USB-C devices.

2. One to connect all
A thing which makes you never worry about which way to plug in again. USB-C is a new user-friendly reversible connector that allows you to connect your cable to your device in any direction.

3. Reversibility
A thing cans reversible connector that lets you connect cable to device in any direction.


Be aware of following occasion when use USB Type C Cable:

USB Type C Cable "damaged"

1. When connect a USB-Type-C-enabled device such as a photo to a USB Type-A port on your laptop or hub.

2. When use a poor-quality wire, otherwise it can damage your device when connected to a 3-amp-capable power source in the phone tries to draw 3 amps.


How to Find Safe USB Type-C Cables
How can the average consumer pick the right cable before ruining his smartphone or laptop?

1. Looking at the Plug
For starters, look at the USB plug itself.

USB Type C Cable


2. Certified by the USB-IF

Buying one that is certified by the USB-IF is a good start.

USB Type C Cable

3. Cables from Trusted Brands
Buying a cable should be based on brands they know and trust, rather than buying the cheapest one available. If you’re buying a cable as you exit the convenience store and the cable costs less than a bottle of Coke, you might want to think about it


USB Type C Cable


4. A List of Certified Cables
The USB-IF has a list on its website of  USB Type-C Cables (61 as of this writing) that have passed its tests.

USB Type C Cable


Top three USB Type-C Accessories and Cables

1: Monoprice USB-C to USB-A Cable
USB Type C Cable
You probably have a lot of accessories that rely on good, old-fashioned USB Type-A, and it will be some time before you manage to replace them all. Until that time, this 3-foot, USB Type-C to USB-A cable will keep your gadgets, old and new, connected to one another.


2: Monoprice USB-C to USB-C Cable

USB Type C Cable

Budget favorite Monoprice has a wide variety of USB Type-C cables ready to go — and at slightly more palatable prices than some of the other early competition. At the moment, this 3-foot, USB-C to USB-C cable will come in handy mainly for charging. But this is a full USB 3.1 Type-C cable, so as additional accessories


3. New and Notable:  Griffin Breaksafe USB Type-C Power Cable

USB Type C Cable
USB Type-C might have you missing your MagSafe cable, but that will change this April. This upcoming cable from Griffin supports power, not data or video. But most important, your laptop won’t go flying if you trip over a power cord.


USB Type C Cable


Through the introduction above, have you got the information which you wanted? Anyway, USB Type C Cable is a newest outcome of technology, it means fast, convenience, and it happens of natural trend, let’s look forward to the bright future that USB Type-C-Cable brings!


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