How To Make A Good Selfie

Love it or hate it, selfies are now a modern fact of life. Taking selfies can be fun, and a good selfie shows your confidence, personality and your fashion sense. However taking a decent selfie is hard as you are the one in front of and “behind” the camera. With right tips and tools, an impressive selfie can be less hard to take.

  1. Pay attention to good lighting and background

Having a good lighting is an essential part of taking any kind of photograph, and selfies are no different. Without a gentle light, you cannot show off your makeup, hairstyle or new outfit because it’s distracting and unflattering! But do not try to take an attractive selfie when you are exposed to strong and sharp light as well, it will also destroy your beauty. Natural light is the most flattering kind, so try to take your selfie near a window or outdoors. Another important element is to pick a good, clear background. Always check around before you take selfie.

hair replacement systems,hairstyle good lighting and background for good selfie  

  1. Consider the angle

The angle you choose to take the selfie also matters a lot. Different angles present different features of you. For instance, if you hold your cellphone a little higher than your head you will get a smaller face and bigger eyes; if you turn your head a few degrees to the right or left, your features will appear less flat. Choose an angle that shows your special point and record it! You can also try some unique and funny angle as below. Don’t afraid of trying something new!

good angle for good selfie, Mr Bean Mr Bean funny

  1. No mirrors

Don’t use a mirror unless it can take just the one shot you want. Selfies with a mirror always looks a little wired: it reflects everything in the surroundings including what you do not want to show; it sometimes makes your picture distorted since the glass doesn’t always reflect back a perfectly accurate image. And it will show your camera! Those do not seem to be good, so stop using a mirror when taking selfie.

  1. Selfie stick

A selfie stick is necessary and useful when you need to put yourself in a big and attractive background or when you want to grab a few more people in the photo. Or sometime when you get a new hairstyle and outfit, you need a selfie stick to take a full-length photo to show off them. A good selfie stick adds the length to your arms and enables you to include more scenes in the picture. EasyAcc’s light and easy-to-carry Bluetooth selfie stick (the second picture below) is your best choice.

good selfie with stick selfie stick

  1. Edit your photo with right apps.

There are various photo editing apps in the market and many of them have distinct features. Facetune is kind of like Photoshop for your phone. It can smooth wrinkles, whiten teeth, remove red eye and more — of course, nobody will actually see these touches once you add your customary Kelvin feature, but whatevs. CamMe lets you take a picture of yourself without having to actually hold your phone. It works by sensing your hand movement so that you can take and edit your photo by just waving your hand.

  1. Don’t forget to bring a power bank in case your camera out of power.

Most people take selfies with their cellphones nowadays no matter they are at home or out for a trip. Once I went out for a two days trip with my friends, but unfortunately there was a power failure in the hotel we settled that night. So all our cameras and cellphone went out of power and we cannot take even one picture. After that, I bought myself an EasyAcc 10000CF power bank which is compact in size but huge in capacity. You will have a cellphone camera full of power all the time!

selfie stick power

       After reading those tips and tools recommendation above, are you ready to take your own selfie? Get up and dress yourself up, let’s show the world your confidence!

How to make a good selfie


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