To the Best Bluetooth Speaker 2015: EasyAcc DP100 in the Test

easyacc_dp1001Great speakers come in all shapes and sizes.

While it doesn’t do that much to stand out from the crowded field of Bluetooth speakers, the well-built and decent sounding for its size, the EasyAcc DP100 is a pretty safe choice for those looking for a very compact wireless speaker.


With 4-Watt speakers, Bluetooth 4.0 and CSR8615 chip inside the chic-looking speaker, there’re nice features. For example, the transmission of current battery status to iOS devices and support for smart apps. As the maximum range is 10 meters, providing that there’s no thick walls or other objects located in between.


The battery of EasyAcc can collect many brownie points, that is, the battery life is approx. 25 hours according to the manufacturer, which is finally proved that the realistic playing time is more than 20 hours.


Well, unfortunately the EasyAcc DP100 doesn’t perform so good as we expect. While it’s playing quieter songs with an Android smartphone at a normal volume, there’s still way to optimization. While tested with an iOS device, it stands on the plan. The quality is surprisingly better. DP100


For buying this, incidentally, it’s very reasonable. Very long battery life, great design and the practical tree buttons on the top, it’s perfect for long outdoor trips or long journeys.

How to Buy

£20 on

$21.99 on

10% off with the code P6EXADP6 on

€28.99 on

€28.99 on



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