TecnoAndroid.it: EasyAcc 3000mAh Power Bank in Test

easyacc pb3000A combination of simplicity and elegance, that’s EasyAcc 3,000mAh power bank;

A combination of design and portability, that’s EasyAcc 3,000mAh power bank;

A combination of aesthetic and durability, that’s EasyAcc 3,000mAh power bank;

EasyAcc 3,000mAh power bank, you must admit that it’s aesthetical. It comes in three colors: black, silver and blue, with the surface made of aluminium alloy, giving the gadget a refined look.

Upon its practical functionalities, it has four LED indicators, 25% for each one. One USB output is designed at the top of the interface, easy to access and use.

In most cases, EasyAcc 3,000mAh power bank could be used as a charging emergency when your device runs out and you can’t find an outlet at the moment. Its mini-size design allows you to take it along anytime, anywhere, even put in a clutch while you’re enjoying a party.

As what TecnoAndroid describe it as a “on-the-go” power source, it has done a good job.

Original review: http://www.tecnoandroid.it/easyacc-pb3000m-il-power-bank-da-passeggio-la-recensione/

Where to Buy: http://www.easyacc.com/505-easyacc-2nd-gen-metal-3000mah-power-bank.html




3000 pb3000port


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