Review on EasyAcc USB 2.0 OTG Hub

easyacc-usb-2-otg-hub-mit-verpackung-und-zubehoerWhat a OTG device functions? At least, EasyAcc USB 2.0 OTG Hub could do, read 7 different memory card types, charge up your power-hungry and access a connected smartphone or tablet directly on the memory card inserted in the card reader and USB flash drive. This interesting feature called USB on-the-go. Whether the hub makes sense to integrate all of these functions, now we look at it in detail below.

Many notebook and MacBook users come across a special problem, that is, lack of free USB ports. A USB hua can remedy this relatively inexpensive. In addition to the pure USB hubs to the enlargement of the port, there are also a few specialists and all-rounders.

On the back of the EasyAcc USB 2.0 OTG Hub are six USB ports, three pieces offer the actual USB hub function and a jack for connection to a PC or Mac is intended. The two other sockets are pure USB charging ports. In total, therefore up to 5devices can be simultaneously recharge via the hub: a 1-ampere USB charger port to recharge a smartphone, a 2.4 amp Smart charging port loads tablet at maximum speedand the three other standard USB port can provide power for devices in 500mAh capacity. Thanks to strong external power supply, there are no problems with charging, which works even without a connected laptop or PC here.
The hub is also the part of the docking station: a tablet or smartphone can be off when charging in the dock aeasyacc-usb-2-otg-hub-buchsennd watching a movie at the same time. The manufacturer already attaches some USB-cable to the hub. That is a USB data cable for connection to a PC or Mac as well as in the scope of delivery, as well as a USB to MicroUSB charger and an OTG cable for connecting an on-the-go enabled smartphones.
The USB Hub provides six Jacks: a USB input jack to connect to the PC, three jacks with the USB hub function, as well as two pure USB charging ports, with 1 and 2.4 amps for fast charging of smartphones or tablets.

Here is the Technical Test Data:

EasyAcc Super Speed USB 2.0 OTG Hub
USB-Version USB 2.0, backward compatible with SB 1.1
Jacks 3 x USB-Hub Port,
1 x USB input,
2 x USB charging port – 1.0 Ampere,
1 x USB charging port – 2.4 Ampere
Supported Card Type SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC, RS-MMC, MicroSD und MiniSD
Compatibility Windows 10/8.1/7/XP,
MacOS X ab Version 10.2
What’s in Package EasyAcc Super Speed USB 2.0 OTG Hub, USB data cable, Micro USB charging cable, OTG cable, Power Cord, User Manual
Dimension 135,0 x 72,0 x 38,0 mm
Weight approx. 142 Gramm

And for more information, please visit:

And now, the product is available in 4 colors, black, whtie, silver and blue. All you could check and buy it from,



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