Something You Need to Know about Xbox One X

Xbox One and Xbox One S have been hot in recent years, and now there comes the Xbox One X. The lately unveiled Xbox One X is said to be the world’s most powerful console, is this a truth or just an exaggeration made by Microsoft? Read on to get to know something that youContinue reading “Something You Need to Know about Xbox One X”

Should I Get the Xbox One X or a Gaming PC

Microsoft has recently announced its new generation game console—Xbox One X—which was codenamed Project Scorpio. The system will go on sale around the world on November 7th. Since it is claimed to be the most powerful console ever made, might it be better than a gaming PC? Let’s get closer to Xbox One X andContinue reading “Should I Get the Xbox One X or a Gaming PC”

Games for Xbox One X

A few days ago Microsoft claimed its new console during a press briefing in Los Angeles– Xbox One X. With the design of a 6-teraflop graphic processor, it is considerably more powerful than today’s Xbox One and PS4, even PS4 Pro. Though it is not attainable until November 7, its specifications have already been publicizedContinue reading “Games for Xbox One X”

Difference between Xbox One X and PS4 Pro

The newest Xbox One X announced by Microsoft is claimed as the world’s most powerful console, yet not available for shipment now. Unlike Xbox One X, PS4 Pro is attainable now and goes with high performance with immersive and vivid visual effect. Since the two products are favored by many game players with outstanding performanceContinue reading “Difference between Xbox One X and PS4 Pro”