Want an Apple VR? – Just a Few More Minute, It Is Coming into Play

There are lots of phone manufacturers working on producing Virtual Reality headsets nowadays such as Google, Samsung, HTC and LG. It is obvious that VR related product is becoming a trend in technology. In the near future, Apple, the leading tech company is to release its own Apple VR. Last week, Tim Cook, the CEOContinue reading “Want an Apple VR? – Just a Few More Minute, It Is Coming into Play”

Best Power Bank for VR

In the last article we introduced how to choose a power bank for your VR. So here we would like to list a couple of power banks which charges your VR best. All power banks below supply at least 2.0A of current at 5V. And also do that across the entire charge of the battery.Continue reading “Best Power Bank for VR”

How to Buy a Power Bank for VR

  As Virtual Reality devices gradually becomes a fashion trend and a growing number of people enjoy the fun bring by them, the power problem of VR arises as well. When you played it for a long time and run out of its power, you need to plug it to the wall charger. But youContinue reading “How to Buy a Power Bank for VR”