How to Buy a Power Bank for VR


As Virtual Reality devices gradually becomes a fashion trend and a growing number of people enjoy the fun bring by them, the power problem of VR arises as well. When you played it for a long time and run out of its power, you need to plug it to the wall charger. But you are tied to the chair/bed. If you want to stand and move around a little (when playing Dreadhalls for example), you may need a power bank.

How to Buy a Power Bank for VR (2)


How to choose a power bank for your VR then becomes a question. Actually a power bank does needs to meet some requirements to charge a VR device.


The most important thing is that the connected power bank should supply at least 2.0A of current at 5V. And also do that across the entire charge of the battery. Most power banks do not manage that 2.0A minimum which will trigger that message. Also take into account that not all power banks are capable of supplying that 2.0A over its full battery capacity range. A lot of them manage to do that only when fully charged, and when dipping under 50% also drop beneath 2.0A, which will also trigger the error message.


How to Buy a Power Bank for VR: new-gear-vr-samsung-galaxy-s6


Take the Samsung for example, I have the 9000mAh and 11300mAh Samsung power banks and both can charge the S6 and also supply the Gear VR with enough current when at least 25% full. Under that it becomes tricky, and will usually trigger the error message about an incompatible charger.


Then, what are the best power banks for VR? Let’s find the answer in the next article.

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  1. What happens to be the average battery capacity of a VR? In general? I do have a Mi Powerbank and am thinking whether it would be useful to charge my would be VR. Anyway, great article, thanks for the information.


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