How to Become a Great Pokémon Trainer: 12 Tips

As everyone starts the journey of exploring Pokémon in the world, someone may get the dream back, becoming the greatest Pokémon trainer. There are people entering the police station to get a Pokémon, and also people walking deeply into the wild field to explore rare Pokémon. The world is crazy about it. It is saidContinue reading “How to Become a Great Pokémon Trainer: 12 Tips”

Pokemon vs Ingress: Similarities and Differences

The pokemon go game has swept the world since early July, 2016. As trainers spare no effort to capture their own pokemons, their phone batteries drained so quick that power bank for pokemon go in shops and online stores were soon sold out. However, before this hot pokemon go app, another game using the sameContinue reading “Pokemon vs Ingress: Similarities and Differences”

Best Pokémon GO Tips For Battery Saver

If you have question like what is Pokémon Go? Maybe you need a Pokémon Go guide. You need Pokémon GO Battery Saver or Pokémon GO Power Bank, when you asked if Pokémon Go drains your power too fast? Is your smartphone’s Battery life bad with Pokémon Go? You may dream of a Pokémon Go batteryContinue reading “Best Pokémon GO Tips For Battery Saver”