How to Become a Great Pokémon Trainer: 12 Tips

become a good pokemon trainer

As everyone starts the journey of exploring Pokémon in the world, someone may get the dream back, becoming the greatest Pokémon trainer. There are people entering the police station to get a Pokémon, and also people walking deeply into the wild field to explore rare Pokémon. The world is crazy about it. It is said the Pokémon Go is opening to more and more countries and areas. For those of you who just start your journey and don’t want to be that crazy, you may want to know how to become a great Pokémon trainer and what need to think for Pokémon Go.

a great pokemon trainer

Pikachu in the start of Pokémon Go

When the journey starts, there are always three Pokémon to choose , but there is also a hiding Pikachu waiting. You can just walk away from the catching distance of the three Pokémon, and they will follow you and stay around you again. After you walk away for the fourth time, the hiding Pikachu will appear and you can catch it as your first Pokémon. This is the quickest way to get a dream Pikachu.

catch a pikachu     

Go new places to get new Pokémon

When you check the Pokémon nearby in the 3*3 window, the left Pokémon in first line is the nearest one and the right one in the bottom is the farthest. If you keep it open, you can do exercise and explore Pokémon you want at the same time. Having variety of Pokémon is a way to help become a great Pokémon trainer.

pokemon nearby

Curveball to catch Pokémon

If you want to do something cool, why not try curve ball? Before you throw the Poké ball, you can let it rotate in under your finger for a few second. After the spark coming, you throw it in an angle. If you hit Pokémon, you will get extra HP.

use curveball to catch pokemon

Take care of the hit rate

Comparing about the little sparks, your objective is hitting Pokémon. When you hold Poké ball, the green circle will go smaller. The smaller the circle is in your catching time, the more HP you will get.

Don’t give up a Pokémon

There is no need to grudge your items, because you will get more in the future. If you find the wild Pokémon is hard to catch, you can use Razz Berry and Great ball to catch.

use razz berry to catch pokemon

Keep power for longer gaming

Pokémon Go is terminator of cellphone battery. You can use “Battery Saver” in its setting to longer the battery life for a little bit. Decreasing the brightness of screen may also help. But, whatever you do, it is impossible to play for several hours. So, if you plan to take a catching trip, you’d better bring at least a portable power bank with you, or a power bank with solar charger.

Best Power Bank for Pokémon GO

Incubate Pokémon

The incubate progress depend on how far you walk. Different eggs may need different walking distance. Pokémon Go only record your walking when opened and driving don’t work for this. So, if you want to incubate your egg, just walk and keep Pokémon Go opening.

Incubate Pokémon

Catch Zubat to get candy

Lots of trainers may feel gross about Zubat, but Zubat can still be use to get Candy. So, why not just catch some? Then you can get a great number of HP.


By incubating egg and catching Pokémon, you can get stardust to raise CP of Pokémon. It is still the best resources in the game now. Although you can improve a lower CP Pokémon by using stardust, but you will be regret if you don’t left some to high CP Pokémon.


Open the egg in the right time

If you would like to get extra award, you’d better evolve Pokémon together. It is said that you may get a Lucky egg, which will double the HP you get in half hours. You can increase some levels by using it together with evolutions, lures, and incense.


Pokémon Go is a larger round of game, fire type-grass type- water type. Therefore, as a great trainer, try to build a team with variety of Pokémon before you enter other’s Gym is important. Likewise, you should combine different Pokémon to defend your Gym.

pokemon gym

Sleeping is not nostrum

Sleep is not the way to restore injured or faint Pokémon. The only way to help them go back to fight is to using items. Evolving is the only exception.

If you have some secret way and willing to tell other trainers, we are welcome you to show it on comments.

How to Become a Great Pokémon Trainer: 12 Tips》有4个想法


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