EasyAcc Giveaway: Gift&Travel Set To Charge 10400mAh Power Bank

As what I mentioned in previous article, How To Charge Power Bank 10400mAh, EasyAcc is going to have a giveaway for our friends who want to win a power bank 10400mAh. This time we prepare a gift&travel sets, one dual USB metal 10400mAh power bank and one 36 watt 3-port USB wall charger to feed it. Just plug the micro USB cableContinue reading “EasyAcc Giveaway: Gift&Travel Set To Charge 10400mAh Power Bank”

The Coolest Bluetooth Speakers of 2016

Several years ago, we may want a portable speaker that comes standard with small, pretty and tinny appearance, poor battery life, and clumsy 30-pin docking ports. Thanks to the advanced technology, portable speakers all pack a surprising punch for their small size, minimum six-hour battery and come equipped with robust Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity. How amazingContinue reading “The Coolest Bluetooth Speakers of 2016”

How to choose power bank for your phone and tablet?

The Ultimate Buying Guide to Mobile Power Bank Designed for Use on the Go.  Power Bank comes with different names, battery packs, portable chargers, fuel banks, pocket power cells and back-up charging devices to name just few. But whatever you call them, they all do the same thing: CHARGE YOUR PHONE OR TABLET WITHOUT NEEDINGContinue reading “How to choose power bank for your phone and tablet?”

 Summer for Lovely Dogs (Photo Share)

Wow, the summer day is coming soon, are you ready for a summertime game of catching with your lovely dogs? These dogs show us how great dog’s summer it is!     Well, summer is also dangerous for your dog. If you are feeling the heat, you can bet your dog will have the sameContinue reading ” Summer for Lovely Dogs (Photo Share)”

Portable and High-efficiency, EasyAcc 28W USB Solar Charger with SunPower Solar Panel

The EasyAcc 28W solar charger has 4 USB charging ports and also 4 highly efficient solar panels.   Thus it should be possible according to the manufacturer, two iPads simultaneously to 2.4A USB ports to load quickly. EasyAcc promises an efficiency of 21.5 to 23.5% and thus indicates it could be 10 percent more efficient than existingContinue reading “Portable and High-efficiency, EasyAcc 28W USB Solar Charger with SunPower Solar Panel”

Solar Charger Q & A: How do solar charger work in the winter?

    Thanks to the technology development, we are now having many choices of gadgets for our smartphones, laptops and tablets which makes our work and life easier than ever. Thanks to the power bank, solar charger and desktop charger which ensure our work progress is smoothly and we have no worries that devices willContinue reading “Solar Charger Q & A: How do solar charger work in the winter?”

Cheap Bluetooth Speaker for Summer, EasyAcc DP200

Currently, using portable Bluetooth Speakers is especially popular in summer. During a summer vacation, it enables you have a good time that you listen to good music at the beach or drink the cocktail with a romance tune accompanied a EasyAcc DP200 Bluetooth Speaker. EasyAcc DP200 has two options, white and black. Now only black is available onContinue reading “Cheap Bluetooth Speaker for Summer, EasyAcc DP200”

Electric Gadgets and Tips for Travel

Tech Gadgets: Macbook 12” / 0.92kg (+0.14kg power brick)This is one of my favourite recent purchases. My old Macbook Pro weighed in at 2.04kg and had terrible battery-life so forced to carry the big 0.3kg power brick too. This is a huge improvement for life on-the-road. It can also be powered from a usb powerbank,Continue reading “Electric Gadgets and Tips for Travel”

Computer Bag Packaging for Travel

I travel a lot. LOT. Usually well over 150,000 airline miles a year…and usually to places that don’t have a Best Buy or Walmart near by…so I have gotten pretty good at packing stuff. I am also a “carry-on” guy for a couple of reasons, too. #1, I really like rolling on & rolling offContinue reading “Computer Bag Packaging for Travel”

Guide to Pack a Travel Bag

Traveling well can be one of life’s great pleasures, whether you’re alone or with friends and family. But what does it mean to travel well? A well-packed travelling bag is essential. Let’s see what’s in my bag. Caseo The bag is the largest of these three: 3 x BUBM CARRY BAG CASE , really goodContinue reading “Guide to Pack a Travel Bag”