The Coolest Bluetooth Speakers of 2016

cool bluetooth speakers

cool bluetooth speaker

Several years ago, we may want a portable speaker that comes standard with small, pretty and tinny appearance, poor battery life, and clumsy 30-pin docking ports.

Thanks to the advanced technology, portable speakers all pack a surprising punch for their small size, minimum six-hour battery and come equipped with robust Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity. How amazing it is.

The famous brands of Bluetooth speakers like Bose, Sony and JBL. They all enjoy good reputation and gain high sales every year.

But, will you feel bored to the Bluetooth speaker’s function, size and appearance with totally same style?

In this creative age, we need more fresh things with creative idea and the newest functions, Bluetooth speaker is the same. So today, we’ve picked a selection list of the top cool Bluetooth speakers for your reference, hope you guys will love it!


1:UE MEGABOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

cool bluetooth speaker

At the first glance, you may think this was a larger version than other Bluetooth speakers. You are right! It shares the cylindrical design and styling like the natty ‘plasma-coated’ finish, which UE official claims it is stain and water resistant.

The Megaboom’s sound is standout and you are able to enjoy an enthusiastic listen and a decent spread from various positions.


2: Bluetooth 3.0 Wireless Skateboard Scooter Speaker

This is a portable speaker that features a space-saving and cool design. In spite of its small design, the speaker was known for produce excellent music. More surprisingly, it is a functional and catchy speaker that allows you to answer your calls even when you are far from your phone.

cool bluetooth speaker

3: EasyAcc DP200 Bluetooth Speaker

cool bluetooth speaker

DP 200 is a high-performance speaker that guarantees you 3600 stereo audio sound.

It has about 300 degree sound and is equipped with only two buttons fitted. Moreover the high-capacity battery recharges in just three hours with micro USB cable that is included and the battery life can last up to eight hours.


4: Dewalt DCR006 Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker

cool bluetooth speaker

These are high quality shockproof, dust-proof Bluetooth speakers that guarantee full-range and good quality sound. It’s compatible with different types of tablets and phones like iPads, iPhones, Samsung, LG, Sony and so many other devices. They also have a low power-consumption rate which ensures the Bluetooth speaker can run up to 7 to 12 hours.

cool bluetooth speaker

It’s quite challenging to choose a best Bluetooth speaker, but if you want to buy a best quality Bluetooth speaker with cool appearance, the above recommendations would be helpful.


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