Does OnePlus 8/8 Pro have memory card slot ?

OnePlus 8/8 Pro is done settling as it happend.Because of the severe Covid-9 pandemic, tech companies have had to stop showing their new devices in front of live, cheering audiences.OnePlus is holding an online event that can be watched via a live stream. The live stream is already available on YouTube and the company website . If youContinue reading “Does OnePlus 8/8 Pro have memory card slot ?”

Does OnePlus 8 /8 Pro feature fast charging?

The OnePlus 8/8 Pro  is one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2020. The official announcement will be published on 14, April. According to the leaks, we can sure that OnePlus 8 models will have a 120Hz display, as the company has now confirmed as much.The fastest refresh rate used on a smartphone is 120Hz, which  gives the smartphoneContinue reading “Does OnePlus 8 /8 Pro feature fast charging?”

Does OnePlus 8/8 Pro have eSIM technology?

It has been confirmed that the OnePlus 8/ 8 Pro will be launching on April 14, and it is expected to have many new features, such as waterproof and super-fast wireless charging. Will it also support eSIM, the latest popular technology? Since the company has hinted many times about OnePlus 8’s eSIM feature, and itContinue reading “Does OnePlus 8/8 Pro have eSIM technology?”

Does OnePlus8/8 Pro/8 Lite support wireless charging?

Fans have been asking OnePlus for years to add wireless charging support to its handsets, a feature that is available on many other mainstream manufacturers like Apple and Samsung. This time on OnePlus 8 series, the hope will possibly become the reality. The early proof is that OnePlus was found to be an official memberContinue reading “Does OnePlus8/8 Pro/8 Lite support wireless charging?”