Does OnePlus8/8 Pro/8 Lite support wireless charging?

Fans have been asking OnePlus for years to add wireless charging support to its handsets, a feature that is available on many other mainstream manufacturers like Apple and Samsung. This time on OnePlus 8 series, the hope will possibly become the reality. The early proof is that OnePlus was found to be an official member of the Wireless Power Consortium. As you know, WPC controls the Qi wireless charging standard that’s used in smartphones, wearables, and many other products across the globe. Recently, some leaks suggest that only the Pro model will support wireless charging, and the teen tipster Ishan Agarwal further points out the OnePlus 8 Pro will receive 30W wireless charging and 30W reverse wireless charging.

If that’s the truth, OnePlus 8 Pro will be the first OnePlus phone that comes with wireless charging. Besides that, what amazes us is the “30W” reverse wireless charging ability, as the fastest one on the market is the Mi 10’s 10W solution. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has ever consistently said that the company didn’t want to include the wireless charging feature until it could make it as fast as its wired power adapter — Obviously OnePlus finally makes it. 30W reverse wireless charging also means your phone could be drained in minutes by charging a friend’s device, so we can expect that OnePlus 8 Pro would have a big battery to go with the fast enough reverse charging speed.

OnePlus is bound to make some big changes this time on the launch date, for we have learned before (from our essay ) that it will abandon pop-up camera and make a waterproof new version, and it will also for the first time support wireless charging and reverse wireless charging.

Just as what OnePlus claimed before, wireless charging technology isn’t where it should be, and faster wired charging is more convenient for users. It did keep that promise and invested a lot in developing faster wired charging. Warp Charge 30T, the OnePlus charging protocol that is claimed to deliver up to a 52% charge in 30 minutes while gaming, and from flat to 70% in 30 minutes when off-screen. But the competition in the aspect of wired charging has been a bit fierce, like Huawei’s recent flagships offering 40W charging, Samsung Note 10 Plus delivering 45W, and Oppo even featuring a 65W charging for its Reno Ace. Late to offer wireless charging and reverse wireless charging, but the first to make it as fast as possible, OnePlus may be just using a deliberate tactic to help it laugh the best.


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