Why LG G6 is better than S8

It is increasingly hard for people to choose handset today as there are so many options available in the market. Especially for the new-released one, we usually need enough time to see whether it is good or not. But for those who are eager to replace their old mobile phone, suggestions from related reviews andContinue reading “Why LG G6 is better than S8”

LG G6 VS Samsung S8

Samsung and LG is always strong performer in smartphone. It doesn’t matter if you’re confused with choosing a new Android handset or you simply want to know what to expect from this year’s smartphone Battle Royale, read on to see how these two heavyweights stack up. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAzFV1RuGU8 Display The LG G6 has a 5.7-inchContinue reading “LG G6 VS Samsung S8”

Why LG G6 Has 2 Cameras

LG has been known for its prominent camera for years and since the company has decided to stick with a dual-camera setup on the backside of the device of LG G6 you may wander the meaning of these two cameras. Actually, they have different functions—one is a wide-angle lens and the other a standard angleContinue reading “Why LG G6 Has 2 Cameras”

Best Wireless Charging Pads for LG G6

Wireless charging is one of the nice improvements that LG has made with the LG G6 over the LG G5, which not only allows the LG G6 to better compete against the Samsung Galaxy S8 but also ensure a more safety charging. It claims that the new wireless technology will see fully discharged phones riseContinue reading “Best Wireless Charging Pads for LG G6”