Does Samsung Galaxy S20 have 3.5mm headphone jack?

Ever since Apple iPhone 7 ditched 3.5mm headphone jack in September 2016, many Android manufacturers follow suit and make it the trend over the whole industry. Samsung, as one of the smartphone giants, is praised for its sticking to this little jack on the flagships for many years. And since Samsung Galaxy S10 still keptContinue reading “Does Samsung Galaxy S20 have 3.5mm headphone jack?”

Should you upgrade to Galaxy S20?

Now it has been days after Samsung Galaxy S20 series were released. If you have  Galaxy S9 or S10, you may want to upgrade to the newest version. Should you  really do that?  The fact is, if you are happy with your current phone, don’t feel it necessary to upgrade to the new one; ifContinue reading “Should you upgrade to Galaxy S20?”

Do Samsung Galaxy S20 Series support microSD?

Samsung Galaxy S20 series are due to be showing up at the Unpacked event scheduled for February 11th , together with the foldable Galaxy Z Flip and the Galaxy Buds Plus. Now with so much leaks and rumors about the flagship series, we are almost certain that Samsung is going to surprise us with theContinue reading “Do Samsung Galaxy S20 Series support microSD?”

Will Samsung Galaxy S20 feature a 120Hz display?

Rumor has it that Samsung’s next Galaxy flagship will be called S20 instead of S11, which might be related to the year 2020. The new smartphone will have a bunch of changes, and for those who are interested in smoother user experience, Galaxy S20’s jump to 120Hz in display refresh rate is not negligible. Actually, SamsungContinue reading “Will Samsung Galaxy S20 feature a 120Hz display?”