Why you shouldn’t use the fryed charging cable

Are you still using the fryed cables to charge your devices? Think about getting a new one or take some steps to fix the frayed ones, or else they can bring serious consequences to you and your loved ones. Take a look at what may happen if you continue using a frayed cable: Your devicesContinue reading “Why you shouldn’t use the fryed charging cable”

Top 5 USB-C to USB-C Cables in 2018 [Buying Guide]

With more and more brands and their devices switching to USB-C, like some smartphones and notebooks, sometimes we will need a USB-C to USB-C cable for connections without further explanation on its good reasons. While at most times we only have USB-C to USB-A cables for example. Undoubtedly, it’s always handy to have a spareContinue reading “Top 5 USB-C to USB-C Cables in 2018 [Buying Guide]”