Why you shouldn’t use the fryed charging cable

Are you still using the fryed cables to charge your devices? Think about getting a new one or take some steps to fix the frayed ones, or else they can bring serious consequences to you and your loved ones. Take a look at what may happen if you continue using a frayed cable:

  1. Your devices may get damaged: Frayed cables stop electricity from correctly flowing through your charging cable into your device, and as a result, the power surges could cause damage to the internal components of your phone or tablet. Fixing the cable or having a new one is much cheaper than replacing a damaged device.
  2. You may get burnt: The casing of your charging cable is designed to protect you from electric hurts. If you continue using a frayed charging cable, you may have a skin-to-skin contact with these wires, and then you’ll be left with an nasty burn, or even worse.
  3. You may harm someone else: Someone who is a lot smaller than you could be more fragile to exposed live wire. For example, toddlers and household pets are prone to curiosity and exploring. If they happen to contact with a damaged charging cable, the results could be fatal.

So, what we could do to counteract the damage of fraying cables? Check these quick fixes below:

Electrical tape

One of the most effective fix is to neatly wrap the cable with ekectrical tape, especially the split or fraying part of the cable. Though this method appears not pretty and it won’t be the most secure one, it can immobilize any breaks in the cable and helps prevent further damage. Plus, The electrical tape is cheap–only ranging from $1 to $5 per roll.

Heat shrink

A more durable solution is heat shrink, though it’s somewaht more costly and may not work if both ends of the cable are significantly larger than the diameter of the cable itself. After you’ve found a heat shrink that fits your fraying cable, slip it over one of the ends, position the heat shrink over the exposed area, and use a heat gun to activate it. You will notice the tubing shrinking and clinging to the cable under the heat, thus immobilizing and reinforcing the damaged cable.

Cable savers

Of course, there is the quickest method to fix the frayed cable, but notice that it may be the most expensive one. For instance, The TUDIA Klips are about $7 for a pair, simply used to protect a single Lightning cable. They are initially invented to help prevent damage, but they also work if the ends of your cable have started to break. For more choices, just search for “cable protector” on Amazon.


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