Does Samsung Galaxy A53 support wireless charging?

The Samsung Galaxy A53 was officially unveiled during the “Awesome” launch event on March 17, a mid-range smartphones from the South Korean conglomerate.There will be another mid-end smartphone A33 unveiling.The Galaxy A53 comes in at a very attractive $449/£399 price,which is very affordable among the samsung series.Here is a problem does samsung Galaxy A53 support wireless charging.The answer is no.

Samsung Galaxy has fast charging 25W,which is admittedly a slower speed than what some of its popular competitors offer. Meanwhile, it does not support wireless charging.We all know that having wireless charging as an option is an important feature for many, and can even be a ‘must-have’ for some.Samsung is not including a charger in the box of the Galaxy A53 5G. If you are persist in wireless charging,We’ll give you some tips below on how to add wireless charging to your Samsung A53.


To add wireless charging to the Samsung A53 you’ll need a wireless adapter. You can purchase the Samsung GalaxyA53 adapter on Amazon.You can simply plug in the adapter to your phones charging port. Then you would need to attach part of the wireless adapter to the back of your phone.After that you’d simply need to place your device onto a wireless charging pad. You can place your phone onto the wireless charging pad, with or without a case, either way it will still charge your device.Lastly, you need a wireless charging pad.All you will need to do is plug in the charging pad and place your Samsung A53 onto it and watch your device charge!

Samsung Galaxy A53 is the mid-range phone to beat in 2022,has a larger battery, takes better photos, and will get more software updates than any other mid-range phone. It doesn’t have a 3.5mm jack or a charger in the box, but the upside is that it costs $450 — $50 less than the A52.When we solve the wireless charging problem,the phone is better than other competitor phones.


1.Olixar Fast Wireless Charger Pad 15W


  • [No More Waiting Around] Fast Charging Wireless Charger with 15w high speed charge. Typically a 30% faster charging rate when compared to standard wireless charging. For optimum charging speeds, ensure a Fast Charging mains adapter is used
  • [Ultra Slim, Light And Stylish] Constructed from high quality materials, this qi charging pad has been designed to be durable yet ultra slim and lightweight. Compact, portable and stylish design making it perfect for any environment, including your home and office
  • [Non Slip Design] Incorporated into the base of the wireless charging pad are four rubber feet to ensure it does not slide off flat surfaces, while the rubber details on top of the base have been designed to stop your smartphone from scratching. Additionally they stop your phone from slipping off during charging or whilst vibrating
  • [Check Your Phones Compatibility] Works perfectly with all Qi enabled devices, (please check your device specifics to see if it is capable of wireless charging) This will also work with all Qi receiver-equipped devices with 5W output: 5V / 1A
  • [2 Year Warranty And Accessories] Included in box – Olixar Slim 15W Fast Wireless Charging Pad / 1m Micro USB Charging Cable / and User Manual. Peace of mind warranty for your phone charging pad. PLEASE ENSURE YOUR PHONE SUPPORTS WIRELESS CHARGING BEFORE PURCHASE

2.Olixar Wireless Charging Adapter for USB-C Smartphones and Devices


  • [Universally Compatible with USB-C Devices] Wireless Charging Adapter now Upgraded to work with all Samsung A-Range Devices
  • [Charge Whilst Hidden Within a Case] The Qi Wireless Charging Adapter is able to charge your phone even when a case is on your phone. As long as the transmission distance doesn’t exceed 5mm, your USB C compatible device will charge wirelessly through the case. This means you can hook up your Qi receiver and install your case and you won’t know it is there. (Note: Thick, Metal or magnetic case excluded)
  • [Easy to Fit] The Olixar Ultra Thin USB-C Qi Wireless Charging Adapter enables wireless charging on your compatible USB-C devices. Simply connect the adapter to your device via the USB-C port, attach the wireless receiver patch on to the back of your device and place on a wireless charging pad
  • [No More Cables Or Mess[No More Cables or Mess] The Olixar Ultra Thin Qi wireless charger receiver allows your USB-C compatible device to charge with no wires required, for a tidier way to provide the necessary juice to your USB-C device] No more cables, no more mess, the Olixar Ultra Thin Qi wireless charger receiver allows your USB-C compatible device to charge with no wires required, for a tidier way to provide the necessary juice to your USB-C device
  • [2 Year Warranty] Quality that lasts, backed by the Olixar guarantee


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