What is Power Bank?


What is Power bank? Power bank also called “mobile battery”, “external battery”, “spare battery”, “digital charging companion”, and “charging stick”. It also has a very personal name: “mobile phone lover”. “Power bank” concept has been developed along with the rapid growth and popularization of digital products, and its definition is: portable power supply which is easy to carry with large capacity.


In the light of the growing diversity of digital products features, more frequent usage, as well as closer and closer work association with our daily life, the problems how to increase the use time of digital products and electronic products, how to facilitate human living, how to add power supply, and how to play its full role have no time to delay. Power bank, is the best solution designed to address these problems. Carrying a mobile power can achieve outside charging for a variety of digital products anytime, anywhere.


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Power banks quality depend largely on the quality of both batteries and protection board. High quality battery cells are the basis of mobile power life. The normal lithium polymer batteries have a longer life expectancy than 18,650 cylindrical lithium ion batteries, and their security risk is relatively low. The former one normally can be used for two or three years. Mobile power bank circuit board can be treated as a control system, which is mainly responsible for power distribution and transformation. It converts the voltage provided by lithium batteries into the standard voltage to provide electricity for charging device. Good Protection board has a conversion rate of up to 90%, while a general one has 80 ~ 85% and a bad one has only 70%. It the conversion rate is less than 80%, it means that the power bank suffers large line loss, and the battery cell itself suffers large calorific value.


What is Power bank?

Power Bank is called mobile power pack for short, also called “mobile battery”, “external battery”, “spare battery”, and “travel charger”. There are many capacity power bank like, EasyAcc 10000mAhAnker 10050mAh, Aukey 5000mAh, Lumsing 6700mAh, Jackery 3200 mAh and Ravpower external battery 7800mAh, etc. There are also occur some Smart power bank and Quick Charge power bank in the market now.

Quick-charge-Power-Bank Quick-Charge-Power-Bank-01 Smart-Power-Bank Smart-Power-Bank-01


Power bank first appeared in 2001 on the CES Exhibition. At that time there was just a small booth at the CES Sand Museum. An oversea student pieced several AA batteries together with a control circuit. This small thing, because it can charge the digital products in no place, attracted the attention of many exhibitors. After found by the spies, many businessmen followed suit. It seemed like they would big play this new products. Mobile power concept was developed as the 2012 rapid growth and development of digital products. From 2012, digital products features have become more and more various and have been used more frequently. So how to improve digital products use of time, and how to play their full role are important. Having a power bank, people can charge various types digital products whenever and wherever possible.


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If you knew what is power bank and plan to buy now, Here are some tips that would help you: 


First and foremost, you need to know about the battery size and the charger specifications of your smartphone and you will find it printed on the battery and the charger or on the box in which your cellphone’s packed. 

Then, the power bank brought should at least have the same size as your smartphones’ battery, which could ensure that your battery gets fully charged at least once. More frequently your smartphones run out of power, higher mAh that power banks could store for more charges. 

The third, point you should notice is that the output voltage of the power bank should be equal to or higher than that of your device. Fourthly, how many devices you take along, how many ports and cables that the power bank should come with, letting you charge more than one device at a time. 

Lastly,  point is that you should choose a power bank featuring a power-cut power when coming with a short circuit and overcharged. We would suggest you to choose one from a trusted seller, or a branded one. Do avoid being fooled by tall claims and regretting later.  


How to Buy Power Bank?

How to buy a Buying External Battery? Many people are possibly troubled with a problem that although there has been a big rise in smart phone’s configuration, the technology in battery has remained stagnant. But fortunately, the development of external battery can help with our problems to a large extent. When travelling, tourists with a portable external battery charger can recharge their phones or other portable electronics at any time or any place. Gradually, external battery has become a very important accessory, and the products with varied promotions in the market have also been various. Then in the bombing of information, how can customers keep a clear mind in buying their ideal external batteries?

>>More Tips About “How to buy  Power Bank


If you have bought a power bank, Here are some tips for you to maintain power bank: 

First–Use power bank regularly: Do not leave it unused for a long period. If the power bank for long periods of time to be used, from time to time perform a single charge and discharge to maintain their normal performance. Best time to discharge and charge per month of power bank, so you can ensure that the internal batteries to maintain the best condition, and effectively extend its service life.
Then–Use power bank suitably: Do not try to use until fully charged and not over-depletion of the battery. It is advocated that do not interrupt charging when the charge has not been completed, as this also sacrificed its life. Do not over-depletion of the battery, do not use to completely discharge, then it will cause some irreversible loss.
Lastly–Use in the right temperature and humidity: We may all have this experience, when you open your TV in wet days, the screen is a little blurry and the colors will be distorted, and which is exactly the impact of humidity for appliances. Mobile power is no exception. As electronic products, careless water or prolonged exposure to moist air will cause varying degrees of corrosion or oxidation of its internal electronic components. Therefore, power bank must be stored in a dry, cool place.


How to Maintain Power Bank?

Power Banks has brought a great convenience for people. More and more people are using power banks to charge their digital devices. Maintaining your power bank can ensure that it works properly and last lasts longer. However, many people don’t know how to maintain their power banks. Here, we list some methods for your power bank maintenance.

>>More Tips About “How to Maintain Power Bank


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  1. I knew about it like 5 years ago, when those things were bad, It only allows you to charge just a little the lifetime was about months and a 5000mA/h was twice of the size of my phone, horrible hahaha

  2. Wow! This is pretty awesome! I’ve never head of Power Bank until now, but I’d really love to try it out.

  3. Known of their existence when I saw in local stores where I live.
    They really were obsolete compared to what we have available now with really huge capacities.
    It would be magnificent to charge all my devices since I have a lot of them that could use a powerbank to charge them.

  4. Lerned about power banks a few years ago. Last year i finnaly got my first as a gift from a friend. a 10.400.

  5. Wow! I’m lucky enough that I had one given to me – totally awesome! Because the last thing you want to happen is to run out of power when you need it the most!


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