How to share music with another pair of Airpods

AirPods/AirPods Pro are great headphones that you will use everyday, but on some occasions you may want to enjoy audio with another pair of AirPods. Is it possible to do that? The answer is yes, you can connect two AirPods to the same iPhone or iPad and share the audio. Compatibility To connect two AirPodsContinue reading “How to share music with another pair of Airpods”

Does OnePlus Nord 2 5G have IR blaster and NFC?

OnePlus Nord 2 5G is a follow-up to the original Nord phone and has a lot of things in common with it, such as the outlook, the crisp display, 5G, and a decent amount of storage and speed. So, is OnePlus Nord 2 the same as its predecessor in IR blaster and NFC? Does OnePlusContinue reading “Does OnePlus Nord 2 5G have IR blaster and NFC?”

Does OnePlus Nord 2 5G support dual SIM and micro SD?

OnePlus has been known for its high-end phones with a lower price than the competitor, and this time, it released a new one that is extremely competitive than other great options like Google Pixel 4a and Samsung Galaxy A52 5G. It features some impressive specs including a 50MP rear camera, 65W fast charging, and aContinue reading “Does OnePlus Nord 2 5G support dual SIM and micro SD?”

Is OnePlus Nord 2 5G waterproof?

It has been long since many high-end smartphones have come with an IP rating. As a flagship smartphone with a mid-range price, OnePlus Nord 2 5G is really mesmerizing for its large, bright screen, great camera, decent performance, robust battery life, and the excellent Oxygen OS software. Does it also come with an IP rating?Continue reading “Is OnePlus Nord 2 5G waterproof?”

Is AirTag compatible with Android?

Apple just released its new object tracker AirTag, which aims to be attached to your keys, bags, or any other things that you constantly lose track of. AirTag works with Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Apple also annouced that the device must be iOS 14.5, which will be released later this month. However,Continue reading “Is AirTag compatible with Android?”

Does OnePlus 9 Pro support fast charging

You may not own an OnePlus phone, but you probably read the promotion about OnePlus 9 Pro is the best Android phone you can get. OnePlus 9 Pro surpasses OnePlus 8 Pro in every aspect. It has an incredible improvement on the camera, thanks to the cooperation with Hasselblad. What’s more, it has impressive batteryContinue reading “Does OnePlus 9 Pro support fast charging”

Does Samsung Galaxy S21 have IR blaster and NFC?

Samsung just unveiled its most anticipated  flagship – the Galaxy S21 series on 14th January 2021.What do you expect on this Galaxy lineup?Speaking of the smartphone, we are all absorbed by the various advanced features,such as Infinity-O Display, the fatest charging speed, 50MP ultra vision camera  and so on. However, the old-school features has been ignored gradually.Continue reading “Does Samsung Galaxy S21 have IR blaster and NFC?”

Do we need Mi Air Charge? Is it harmful to our body?

Xiaomi has announced its remote wireless charging system, Mi Air Charge Technology. They claim it is able to charge devices within a radius of several meters. And multiple devices can be charged at 5W simultaneously, even when there are physical obstacles. What’s more, it will charge your smartphone while you are using it and walkingContinue reading “Do we need Mi Air Charge? Is it harmful to our body?”

What can you do with a S Pen for Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung released their latest Galaxy phones, Galaxy S21 lineup. And the top-end Galaxy S21 Ultra supports the company’s S Pen stylus. It isn’t an ordinary stylus. Each generation has been added new function. S pen has been a staple of Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones for years. This is the first time showing on Galaxy S-series.Continue reading “What can you do with a S Pen for Galaxy S21 Ultra”

Does Huawei Mate 40 series have IR blaster and 3.5mm headphone jack?

Even in the face of a tough ban from the US government, Huawei took out the Mate 40 series, the high-end suite of flagship devices that can put other phones to shame even in this busy fall launch period. With a faster display, a faster chipset, and faster charging, the Mate 40 Pro is Huawei’s answer toContinue reading “Does Huawei Mate 40 series have IR blaster and 3.5mm headphone jack?”