5 best diaries for science geeks

Plans in the brand-new year begin here! 5 diaries featured with male characters are offered for science geeks. 2016 is beginning. In the New Year, dairy is an awesome gift for oneself. Writing things down in a physical diary can be easier to keep track of than an online calendar – and many diaries canContinue reading “5 best diaries for science geeks”

EasyAcc DP100 Bluetooth Speaker Mixes Longest Battery Life and Better Portability with a Room-filling Sound

Abstract: A growing number of people nowadays tend to bring a Bluetooth speaker with them for a free music enjoyment. But for those who do not have one, this passage may provide some suggestions.   What makes a perfect Bluetooth speaker per your consideration? I know that there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousandContinue reading “EasyAcc DP100 Bluetooth Speaker Mixes Longest Battery Life and Better Portability with a Room-filling Sound”

The best EasyAcc gear for travel in Ireland

The prize mentioned in the Star Wars is EasyAcc ultra slim 10000mAh Power Bank. Ultra slim and super lightweight, it’s quite good for commuters. Meanwhile, our 20000mAh quick charge Power Bank is recommended to you if you are planning a travel to Ireland.   Here are some pictures from a journey in Ireland by our tester. Continue reading “The best EasyAcc gear for travel in Ireland”

Best Star Wars peripheral products, characters Power Banks

“I am your father. And a ruthless Sith Lord. And a backup battery charger. But mostly a ruthless Sith Lord.” With 5200mAh of the Force in your hands, you’ll never run out of juice… just don’t get on his Dark Side. Darth Vader, as one of the most impressive Star Wars characters, wins most favorsContinue reading “Best Star Wars peripheral products, characters Power Banks”

Star Wars Power Bank Giveaway: You deserve that Power against Darth Vader!

Prize: A set of external battery packs(black grey and white grey) EasyAcc best seller in 2015 – Ultra slim 10000mAh Power Bank Features: 2.4A Max total outputs Faster charging speed Automatically recognize the device (more details on Smart Charge)   Luke Skywalker: The Force is strong in my family. My father has it. I have it.Continue reading “Star Wars Power Bank Giveaway: You deserve that Power against Darth Vader!”

Digitaltrends: Best LED flashlights

Yesterday, two comparative Power Banks in one picture offers a suggestion to have a charger with a LED flashlight. Today, I will show some LED products for you who are not very interested in chargers but in flashlights.   MagLite LED 3-Cell D — $55 The MagLite has long been a staple, whether used as a flashlightContinue reading “Digitaltrends: Best LED flashlights”

Best new phones coming in 2016 – the smartphones worth waiting for

Some smartphones are worth waiting for, and there are some sunners coming in 2016, including the best new Android phones, best new iPhones, best new Windows phones, best new Samsung phones, best new Sony phones, best new HTC phones, best new LG phones and more.  In this feature we’ll show you some of the excitingContinue reading “Best new phones coming in 2016 – the smartphones worth waiting for”

10 best sleeping bags for backpacking

Warm, cosy sleeping bags can take up a lot of backpack-room when you’re travelling, so we’ve hunted for the smallest, most lightweight and portable bags we could find – leaving you with way more room to stuff the fun things in your luggage, but still keeping you snug at night. We’ve found summer-ready lightweight sacksContinue reading “10 best sleeping bags for backpacking”

8 best multi-room speakers

    Gone are the days when installing a multi-room music system meant trailing wires all over the house. Now, with these plug ‘n’ play systems, you can stream music seamlessly from one room to another, or even play different music in different parts of the house, all controlled from your smartphone or tablet…  Continue reading “8 best multi-room speakers”

What’s the best portable powerful pack for a long trip?

Where are you now? During a cozy and joyful trip, you may read this article on a deck chair by the sea or check it in the car with a portable and smart tablet. No matter what circumstance it is, are you a little worried about being tedious when all the electronic devices are powerContinue reading “What’s the best portable powerful pack for a long trip?”