Best seller in 2015, EasyAcc Multi-Functional Bluetooth Speaker

EasyAcc Grid Design Multi-Functional Bluetooth Speaker

As our best seller in Audio category 2015, EasyAcc mini portable Bluetooth Speaker wins 4.7 stars and high rank on Amazon.

Best seller EasyAcc Bluetooth Speaker

If you are looking for a small speaker for phone or other portable device, EasyAcc ensures the first experience safe and enjoyable. Cheap, it should be and of course good sound. So, searching and stumbling on this little box and you will be completely convinced and enthusiastic by the small box!

(1) Listening

Music can  connect with device by Bluetooth via a mini USB card or listen as a laptop speaker without the Bluetooth, which just use the box connect to the laptop via its supplied cable . Everything works wonderfully.

(2) Radio

With a special design, the Bluetooth Speaker also serves as a radio.  You can press the  skip-buttons to switch radio channels, not perfect quality but it’s a basic function. 

(3) Telephone:

This is another feature that I like and also fine works. It makes you listen music without an earphone via Bluetooth, what’s more, you will never miss an incoming call on the box even if the cell phone in another room.

(4) connectivity:

The speaker can be located very simply and easily to connect with the phone via Bluetooth. The connection has also proved very stable, even if I two rooms further and through two walls have operated the mobile phone in a room and the speakers, there were no drop outs. The box can be using the cable included in the delivery with a non-Bluetooth enabled laptop easily connect and operate.

(5) sound:

So big a sound while so a  small box! Even at the maximum volume, it won’t show a roar or distort to determine. The sound is amazing volume and sounds balanced. Even the bass are good, in spite of the naturally small soundboard. The sound also changes the place where to set up the box. You can make more sound settings about the player of the mobile phone or laptop.The small box is amazing by the way. 

(6) appearance/feel:

Titanium Black make the speaker look simply classic and really chic. But this is of course my very subjective opinion, here are Red and Silver for you, too. Oh, do not forget you can also have a blue one, which is said to be a tendency in 2016. The box is quite heavy and makes a very significant impression, as well as the controls.

(7) battery:

The battery lasts for hours. For me, it’s an invaluable advantage that the box has a mini USB port to charge. No more than 5 hours, the small box will get itself with a full preparation.

Two videos will show the multi-functional Bluetooth Speaker to you.


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